Professional Identity and Practice

Professional Identity and Practice

Vocational background:
With employment opportunities and career progression becoming increasingly competitive, it is vital that new employees appreciate the value of the correct skills and competences expected by employers.

This assignment will give you the opportunity to enhance your reflective and reflexive skills through the process of self-assessment of skills and competences, personal career planning. You also have the opportunity to enhance employability skills and to prepare for job applications and interviews in a formalised manner.Activity Two:
When you want to further your career, the best thing to do is a self-assessment which will help you identify all the key information about yourself. Thus, you are going to write a reflective report which will help you provide valuable content for your CV and interviews, as you will uncover examples that illustrate your capabilities. It will also enable you to benchmark your employability, flag up any gaps and ensure you keep on track with the type of opportunities that are right for you. In effect, it prepares you to run an effective job search campaign.

Reflective Report content:
1. Explore the benefits of on-going professional development in a workplace relevant you (in a hospitality related business). You will need to link your work experience with the benefits of training and employer’s expectations in terms of skills and competencies. (Include a reference list in Harvard referencing style!)

2. Assess your own skills and competencies in relation to the job role you applied for (activity 1 – the job interview) and ways of improving your weaknesses through lifelong learning opportunities and relating to various learning theories. You may use on-line resources to test your skills and abilities. (Include a reference list in Harvard referencing style!)3. Based on your work experience and your desired career goal (in a field related to hospitality) create a professional development plan using the template provided in the end of this assignment brief. It is advisable to use SMART objectives and clear deadlines and learning opportunities.

4. After experiencing Activity One – the Job Interview, you will reflect to this process thinking to its strengths and weaknesses. You may refer in a reflective way to the interview as a process part of recruitment and selection (advantages, disadvantages) and as well to your experience and challenges prior and during the job interview.

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