Profession Opportunity Taxonomy Example

Profession Opportunity Taxonomy Example

Sales Manager

A business student is endowed with the variety of opportunities to choose among the many careers in the field of business.  For example, in the discipline of marketing a student can follow a career path of becoming a sales manager. This is a Student Sample ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Job or Career Title

The sales manager is majorly responsible for sales department operations within the company. The opportunities for sales managers are varied given the fact that many profit oriented organizations gain their revenue by either selling products or services. Students anticipating to follow this career path should have a degree in marketing as the minimum requirement entry.

Opportunity Characteristics

The sales management profession is characterized by several traits. Any sales manager anticipating to become a great manager and leader in future should ensure he observes the following two primary aspects. First, having the total commitment to building a team that will work in cooperation to ensure the desired goals are achieved. Team building is the essential trait in sales management as it ensures that different ideas, values, and beliefs are integrated to arrive at reliable and dependable results (Jones, Brown, Zoltners, & Weitz, 2012). Secondly, the sales manager is responsible for the success of company sales despite how the valuable the product is. Therefore, sales managers should focus on maintaining successful sales department. In addition to the two aspects, sales manager opportunity also involve tight deadlines and aggressive performance objectives. Sales managers travel a lot to meet clients, prospect for new business and network with other sales professionals.

Job Outlook for this Opportunity

The core responsibilities of the sales manager are to manage a team of sales persons. This is achieved by setting sales territories and targets. Besides, the sales manager is supposed to report the sales performance to the top management (Moutot & Bascoul, 2015). For effective management of sales, sales manager must train sales marketing team and equip them with the necessary tools needed. Second, they analyze sales information to evaluate team performance. Third, they monitor stock and customer demands to ascertain whether the available inventory can satisfactory meet the customer needs. It is vital to note that the training of the sales team should be in line with company policies.

Salary Range

According to United States Department of Labor (2015) sales manager salary vary from one region to another or from industry to industry. However, on average the entry annual salary in sales management profession is $76,300. The average annual wage is $133,860, and the highest salary ranges at $164,300.

Work Hours.

The labor laws stipulate that the normal working hours be limited to forty hours per week. However, the sales management profession is very demanding and sometimes the sales manager may exceed the normal working hours.

Profession Opportunity Taxonomy Example-Key Skill Areas

Keys Skills Description Rating
Computing Skills Most companies and organization sell their products and services via advertisement and promotion campaigns on the internet. Therefore, sales managers need to have extensive computer skills to carry out this job efficiently. 4
Verbal and Interpersonal Communication Skills It is essential for the sales team to acquire these skills. The sales manager should thus live by example by portraying excellent verbal and interpersonal skills so that the team can emulate. 5
Strategic Thinking Sales managers are always focus on the trends in the market. Therefore, they should set up strategies to capture the new opportunities in the market. 5
Analytical Skills Sales managers have to analyze complex sales issues to facilitate the achievement of sales objectives. 4
Creativity and Innovativeness Stiff competition marketing field requires the sales manager to possess creative and innovate skills. 3
Attention to Details Sales managers must pay attention to details to be able to identify complexities between the company products and the consumer needs. 4

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