Problem in HR Department in LSST University

Problem in HR Department in LSST University

Assignment Brief
You are to submit one portfolio of evidence for the whole group which demonstrates the management of your client project.

The approach you must follow is prescribed by the separate proformas.

You must provide supporting evidence as far as possible for each section.

One of the sections is the final Client Report. This should be 2500 words long +/- 10%. You must ensure that your Client receives a copy of this.

Final report – 2500 words +/- 10%

2250 words minimum

The client is HR department in the LSST university – please discuss about any issue you would think is suitable in a HR dept in a univeristy

Your report should adopt an evaluative approach and be structured as detailed below. This structure applies ideas from the Consulting Life-Cycle chapter (Chapter 5) from O’Mahoney and Markham (2013).

 Your report should use line and a half spacing and be suitable for sending to the client as well as for inclusion in the portfolio. Careful attention should be paid to presentation, spelling and grammar, as would be the case if you were paid consultants.

 Note that each section of the report builds on the previous one(s) so if you divide the work up between you, you need to be careful that there is a logical progression of argument.

 Problem Statement

Briefly explain the problem or issue that your client wanted you to address (once the brief had been clarified after your initial meetings). – HR department in LSST.

Use pages 142-143 of O’Mahoney and Markham (2013) to help identify what should be in a problem statement. (See Week 8 on Blackboard).Research

Summarise what research (secondary and primary) you planned and undertook, to help respond to the problem/understand more about it.


Evaluate and rank the solutions that your team offered, making clear links between your research findings and your suggestions.

Be as specific as you can s e.g. ‘The primary research showed that 80% of the target group do not use Facebook, but two thirds do use xyz platform on a weekly basis and this is why route abc is recommended’.


Summarise what you have delivered to and achieved for the client, in relation to the business problem (identified in the problem statement).


Briefly comment on anything that the client needs to do to implement the agreed solution(s) or continue to focus on, now that the project has been completed.


Your reference list should include all sources mentioned in the report.

 There is no designated word count for the other elements of the portfolio, however these should still be professionally and carefully written and presented.

 WORKING IN GROUPSAll team members must participate in the development of the portfolio.

As 20% of the mark for this coursework will come from the client’s rating for each individual, final marks may vary between team members.

As regards the other 80%, your work will be marked as a group and all members will receive the same mark, unless there is clear evidence of a difference in contribution.

Please see the separate ‘Group Work Policy Statement’ for more information.

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