Principles of Management: Critical Thinking

Principles of Management: Critical Thinking

Critical thinking: 4 Principles of Management
Reference: MGT490-Book-Chapter No-16 (Control Systems & Quality Management)

Baird and colleagues report on a study of 364 business units from the manufacturing and service sectors in Australia. Their study examined four core TQM practices: process management, the quality and reporting of data, supplier quality management and product and/or service design. Their findings suggest that respect for colleagues and teamwork are critical components for enhancing total quality management implementation.
1. Can you explain the link between quality management practices and organisational culture?
2. From your readings in this chapter, what other factors do you think are important for maintaining quality and increase productivity?
3. Some researchers argue that quality management processes can inhibit innovation. Why might this be so? What do you think?Further information can be found in K. Baird, J. H. Kristal and R. Reeve, The relationships between organisational culture, total quality management practices and operational performance, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 2011;31(7): 789–814.
Use at least 3 scientific references to support your answers. Follow APA-style when referencing.

A study by Agus and Hajinoor into the adoption of lean management among 200 (non-food) manufacturing companies in the Malay Peninsula identified that reducing setup times, shortening lead times and focusing on pull factors (such as maintaining production at levels commensurate to consumption) helped reduce costs and improve profitability.
4. What other strategies could be implemented along with lean production to improve quality and productivity?
Further information can be found in A. Agus and S. H. Hajinoor, Lean production supply chain management as driver towards enhancing product quality and business performance, The International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, 2012;29(1): 92–121.

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