Principles of Advertisement Scenarios

Principles of Advertisement Scenarios

Question 1

The textbook refers to a range of advertising objectives or effects. Read through the following scenarios and develop two to three advertising objectives for each of the following scenarios. Explain the reasons for your objectives. Chobani make all natural yoghurt the odd-fashioned way by straining away excess liquid so they don’t need to use thickeners. Last year they introduced a range of oats based yoghurt in a variety of fruit flavours in portable sachets, including strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and lemon. What objectives would you recommend to promote these to their existing target market?
The Essendon Football Club has been losing members since its 2013 drug scandal. The target market has not changed and the club still offers the same benefits to members. Therefore, an advertising campaign is needed. What should the campaign aim to achieve?
Buying second hand or used furniture is not something that young people setting up their first home consider doing. However, there are clear benefits, both on a personal level for their wallet, and on a greater scale for the planet. The Salvation Army have good brand recognition, with outlets around Australia offering good quality items at reasonable prices. What objectives do you think are appropriate?
Source reading: Textbook (pp.130–134; and p. 433).
Word count: 500

Question 2
Recommending the right mix of media for a campaign is about knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each media. SunEnergy is a company which installs solar panels, and over the last five years the company has been successful in targeting the business and industrial market. They now want a campaign to promote their brand to consumers. The SunEnergy website is easy to navigate and has information which has been updated to include a section more relevant to a consumer market. As the media planner, you must make media recommendations for a six month campaign, giving the reasons for your selection.
Source reading: Textbook Chapters 11 and 12.
Word count: 500Question 3
There are several models and frameworks that can help an advertiser better understand consumers so they will be able to identify the target audience for a specific campaign. For the major assignment, you looked at BCF and so have already done some research into the outdoor leisure retailing market. Use Roy Morgan Value Segments, the consumer purchase decision process, segmentation approaches, and any other concepts that you think will influence the consumer to describe the key target segment for the BCF brand in your response.
Source reading: Textbook, segmenting (pp.54–6, p. 176, pp. 179–85, and p. 252).
Word count: 500

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