Practicum Focus Assessment 3

Practicum Focus Assessment 3

Practicum Focus Sheet
Assessment 3
Note: Expect to spend at least 2 hours with the patient, family, or group you’ll be working with during this portion of your practicum, exploring issues of technology, care coordination, and community resources associated with the health problem you’ve defined. This includes time spent in consultation with subject matter or industry experts.

For this portion of your practicum, discuss in depth how health care technology, the coordination of care, and the use of community resources can be applied to address the problem. Consider the following questions to help guide your exploration of these aspects of the problem and make the most of your time:

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• Do they use a device, such as a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, or glucose monitor, to monitor the problem?
• Have they used a smartphone app to help manage the problem?
• Would telehealth be an option to help manage the problem?
• Are any websites used to obtain more information about the problem?

Care Coordination and Community Resources
• Have home care, physical therapy, dialysis, or other types of care been used to manage the problem?
• Is transportation available to travel to problem-related appointments?
• Have support groups been helpful in addressing the problem?
• Hav religious institutions been helpful in managing the problem?

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