PPMP20011 Contract and Procurement


Recently, Central Queensland University (CQU) has achieved a high ranking record (Well above average) in research excellence in various disciplines including Engineering. As a result, increasing number of students are expected to apply and join CQU in all campuses mainly Melbourne Campus.
CQU has got a plan to meet this increment. Therefore, CQU has purchased a new land of 40 Acers to construct its own campus at Melbourne as to absorb this expansion.
CQuniversity has acquired this property (it is now CQU) and intends to construct a unique campus to meet the increasing student’s numbers as well as to provide a proper university life within the Melbourne campus. CQU has high expectations to achieve. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Project Elements:

CQU is looking forward to including the following elements in the new project:
1. Main lecture’s building (can accommodate 300 Students) 2. Computer and engineering Laboratories 3. A Motel where it can accommodate staff and visitors coming for across other campuses (up to 50 rooms). 4. Conference hall with up to date facilities and infrastructure (250 people) o The work is intended to take place in phases giving the following facts:

The CQU Requirements:

1) CQU has already got the land and its under the university control. 2) CQU has high expectations to get an innovative and high quality project. 3) All project parts (elements) to be completed simultaneously within the timeframe (ASAP) 4) CQU has not got good experience in this type of development .Therefore CQU has appointed your consultancy firm called PPMP20011 Company to MANAGE the project on its behalf. 5) Your firm (PPMP20011) is an experienced consultancy firm who provides good and in-depth advices to clients on how to proceed and what can be done and what cannot upon evaluation of the project elements and project constraints
CQU main concerns (limitations) are as follow: I. Time: where this building has to be ready before the new academic year in January 2020 II. Quality of the work III. Cost: CQU has a strict budget which cannot exceed.


The three parameters (Quality, Cost and Time) are of great importance to the University and CQU has revealed the priority of the constrains as follow:

1st: COST: Not to exceed the allocated budget

2nd : TIME (ASAP) before the new year. Otherwise they will pay the new year rent

3rd: QUALITY: up to the modern campuses

Your Task As PPMP20011 Management Consultant Company You are the construction manager to the CQuniversity and you are asked to advise CQU on the following:
Under the current conditions explained above, you need to respond to the following:
Main points to address: These are your TASKS ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

What is the best procurement route (method) your PPMP20011 consultant company will advise CQ to follow keeping in mind the constraints and priorities as well as the experience of CQU as project owner

Why do you think this is the best route (giving the project factors).Justify your selection What is the advantages of this route over other routes (traditional/non-traditional)
What are the risks associated with this selected rout for both the owner and the contractor

How does this route will satisfy the main points (Cost, time, and Quality).

Select the best contract type for this project (Fixed price (lump sum, unit price etc.) Or reimbursement (CPF, CPFF, etc…)

Expected Outcome from PPMP20011 Company:  You are expected to discuss at least four main procurement routes (i.e DBB, DB, Management …..)  You are expected to apply each route to explain the above 6 main points to  Highlighting advantages and disadvantages of each route as well as how each route can meet the three main constrains by the owner  Recommend the BEST ROUTE according to the CQU priority list.  For the recommended route you are expected to explain the contractual arrangement through drawing a diagram show the contractual relationship among the CQU, PPMP20011, Contractor, subcontractor

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