Postitin Service Investment Memo Proposal

Postitin Service Investment Memo Proposal

The Postitin is a web-based service that links clients with the freelancers. The service allows direct communication between the service providers and the clients. This business idea may appear common because there are significant online services that have been launched and implemented by other organizations. However, through my research I noticed that most of the online-based services have concentrated on academic essays, articles and only a few are dealing with therapy and counseling services. The Postitin service will deal with all sorts of services where freelancers and the clients can trade effectively. The launch of this product requires financial support, and I hereby request you to go through the justifications and reasons highlighted below why you should financially support the launch of this product.Through colleagues and media, I have come to realize that you are a notable investor in the brilliant business ideas. The Postitin Service is an outstanding product that is likely to break even in the first six weeks upon its launch. In the current business world businesses, especially companies specializing in services have resorted to online platforms to market and sell their products. Similarly, my idea to launch Postitin product through online platform has been influenced by the existing gap in the industry. Research connote that only academic essays and article writing services are widely practiced through online platforms. The concentration on only these two services locks out many other services that can be carried through online without physical interaction between the service provider and the client. The Postitin Service is the solution to this existing market gap.
Your contribution and backing on the start of several new businesses captures my attention to perceive you as the only person who can give my product a strong kick start. The success of this product will be for the benefit of your organization and me as well. Ā Besides, there are other numerous benefits associated with this service. For example, as the president of your company you are likely to enhance the reputation of your organization for having funded a successful and brilliant business idea. Additionally, your organization at large will benefit from the returns that will generate from the business. In the following exploration, this memo provides crucial advantages associated with the online businesses and why this business idea is worth your investment.
Investors explore business opportunities that will yield their returns in the shortest time possible. Many of the investment opportunities despite how good they might appear, end up failing or becoming money-sucking ventures as a result of high business overhead costs and low-profit margins. Ideally, high business expenditure in input resources should translate into high turnovers. However, this is not the case in many new business opportunities that investors finance. Online businesses overcomes all these obstacles because they must not go through the tedious steps that offline businesses experience. This memo offers solid reasons why you should invest in Position Service.

Why is Worth to invest in Postitin Product?

First, Postitin service has defined target market, and as a result, it will not need to go through extensive marketing opportunities that consume a lot of the investorsā€™ funds. Once the product has established a successful marketing strategy, it will be easier to identify the right target market and built on the successful marketing strategies to grow the product market fast. I am also aware of the challenges that online businesses encounter. For example, the Position product will not be marketed on the notion that social media is the only channel to get it to sell. The product will be marketed through extensive online marketing campaigns that will target all the audiences in the global arena. Unlike other business, an online business target market is not limited to the certain specific regions.The Postitin product will offer lower prices than the competitors. Currently, technology has made it possible for the people to use key communication tools such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, computers and business apps. With these tools in place, the Postitin product will allow the interaction between the client and the service provider in any location of the world. Bearing in mind this business do not require the office space, the services will be offered at affordable prices compared to the physical service provider-client interaction. Low prices will be a strategy to attract the huge market, and as a result, the company profits will increase.
Thirdly, the Postitin product will enjoy lower reduced overhead costs and high-profit margins compared to the physical businesses. For example, the launch and implementation of this product will not call for the establishment of costly working spaces as it is the case with offline businesses. There are no financial risks that can interfere with the profit margins. In fact, only maintenance and modification costs will be incurred to keep the product within the current technological requirements as well as enhancing its performance. The upfront cost involved in the launch of the product will be extremely high, but with a forecast of higher profit margins in future, there is a likelihood of recovering the initial investment costs within a few months.
Fourth, the Postitin product will experience a huge worldwide market. It is important to note that an online business runs throughout the day and do not have geographical boundaries. This is online platform is an opportunity that every investor could desire to explore. The Postitin product brings this chance for the investors. The product will generate revenues even when the owners are not running it. This online-based business offers you an opportunity to inject funds in the venture that is worth dollar billion investment.

How to Recover from Product Launch Failure

Despite that there are high expectations for this business to succeed, there is a possibility of the product failing to achieve the projected profits. Businesses run in the competitive and uncertain environments and therefore, it is not a guarantee that their operations will run as per the laid down plansĀ (Schneider & Hall, 2012). Similarly, there is a probability of this product failing to meet its target. In the event this happens, the product will be redefined, recalibrated and relaunchedĀ (Stonefield, 2013). The Postitin targets a huge market but it may happen that it is not a solution to the problem in the target market. Therefore, there will be a need to redefine the product to suit the right audience needs. Secondly, I will modify marketing and sales strategies to suit the target audience. Finally, the product will be relaunched in order to target a wider market as anticipated.

Digital Marketing Channels

This is an online based product, and therefore, digital marketing based strategies will suit its marketing. The appropriate digital platform to market this product will comprise of social media and email marketing and other online marketing channels. These are appropriate marketing channels that can suit any business. As per Postitin product description, the planned digital marketing channels while help in reaching a huge target market. Besides, the proposed marketing channels are less costly compared to other marketing strategies.

Cross-cultural and Multinational Implications

Cross-cultural and multinational implications have been found to affect the entry of new products in the marketĀ (Wang & Solan, 2014). Companies must study the values and culture of its audience before launching the product. Culture and multinational implications affect largely physical products. For the Postitin it is a web-based product and it will be hard to be affected by the different cultures in several parts of the globe. Findings indicate that no established culture that hinder people from purchasing or using online products. Secondly, the multinational companies will have a little influence on the product because the product has been specifically designed to suit a unique market.
Entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals are coming up with brilliant business ideas every day. Thousands of products are launched every day to target markets in different parts of the world. The study has shown that only a few succeed in the global arena. The reasons behind their failure have been linked to the poor marketing research. It will be difficult for the Postitin product to fail because I have carried enough market research and established existing market gaps that the product can use as an entry in the market. Even if the product fails to achieve its objectives there are recovery plans that will make its relaunch more successful. The Positin service is a product worth investing.

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