POS 2041 US Government: Solved

POS 2041 US Government: Solved

Each chapter has several highlighted/box issues with Critical Analysis following. Choose two from each chapter # 5 – 17 and answer each in a brief paragraph. Compose in a word document that you can send to me as an attachmentChapter 5

What role do you expect the Republican congress to play in the future of immigration policy with a new president of the same party?

Is the concept of birthright citizenship consistent with the values of America? What would be gained and lost by the nation if birthright citizenship were repealed?

Chapter 6

Will the failure of polls to accurately predict the outcome of the election make it more or less likely that people will trust the results in the future?

Which notable differences in public opinion stem from demographic characteristics?Chapter 7

Why is the consolidation of media outlets potentially problematic?

Why have scholars generally found limited political effects for the media?

Chapter 8

Could you imagine a coalition of minor parties forming in the United States? Who might be included and what would the common interests be?

What are some ways to describe the relationships between interest groups and government?

Chapter 9

Have there been any other party realignments in American history other than in 1932? If so, when, and under what circumstances?

What factors led to the establishment of the Republican Party?

Chapter 10

What provisions in the Constitution limit the public’s influence in elections?
What major decisions must candidates make when formulating a campaign strategy?

Chapter 11

Why did states institute voter registration? Why is it potentially problematic?

How do current electoral rules compare to Hamilton and Jefferson’s views of voting?

Chapter 12

What is the incumbency advantage in Congress, and where does it come from?

Describe the constitutional requirements to become a member of the House or Senate. What was the reasoning behind these requirements?

Chapter 13

What is the role of the chief of staff and why have modern presidents used this position?

Why is the president more powerful in foreign affairs than domestic affairs?

Chapter 14

What are the benefits of having lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court?

Should the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review be formally defined by the Constitution or a constitutional amendment?

Chapter 15

Do you think government regulations and fines are the best way to gain citizen compliance with energy and environmental goals?

How does the federal government provide health insurance to people who are not insured through their employer?Chapter 16

Do you think that Americans think of the nation as one of income equality or one of great inequality?

What kind of actions could be taken to increase income equality in the United States?

Chapter 17

How does China’s status as an authoritarian state affect relationship with the United States?

Do you think the United States would be safe from attack if it disposed of its nuclear arsenal?

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