Political Structure in Human Society

Models of political structure in Human society. Human societies vary in their level of political integration and degree to which political power is
centralized. Arranging societies from simple to complex allows anthropologists to know the political
structure of a society; how political power is exercised; and what patterns of similarities and
differences are found among the world’s societies. For that reason, anthropologists have devised a
classification system that organizes societies into five sociopolitical types: Bands, Tribes,
Chiefdoms, States, Nations. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
For this assignment, you are to explain the political organization and decision-making structure of
Bands, Tribes, Chiefdoms, States, and Nations.
Make sure your explanation includes the following:
• How Malthus’ Theorem of Carrying Capacity sustains population size
• How technology correlates with Malthus’ model of population expansion
• The defining features, social complexity, and population size of each society
• Whether the society is stratified or egalitarian
• Whether political power is centralized or decentralized ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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