Physical and Cognitive Changes at Older Age >65

Physical and Cognitive Changes at Transition to Older Age >65

Discuss the physical and cognitive changes which accompany the transition into older age (>65). How does this relate to well-being in older adulthood?

In approximately 1400 words, discuss the topic you have chosen. When discussing your topic, you are advised to address the significance of the topic that you have chosen, key concepts related to the topic and integrate relevant scholarly literature: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
Your essay should have a clear structure: a) an introduction that presents the focus and main arguments that will be addressed in the body section; b) a body that presents and expands on the main points and shows how they relate to the topic and sub-topics; and c) a conclusion.
The essay content should demonstrate critical thinking as well as an understanding of the relevant literature. You should be looking to include at least 10 references in the essay. The Textbook should NOT be used as a reference. It should be written in a clear structure (introduction, body, and conclusion) and employ APA Referencing conventions. The completed essay must be edited and proofread so that there are no typos, grammar, and spelling or punctuation errors.

Assessment criteria:

  • Clear structure (an introduction, body and conclusion)
  • A thesis statement limiting the scope and providing direction for the essay
  • Quality of developed argument and conclusions drawn
  • Demonstrated understanding, analysis and use of relevant literature
  • Appropriate referencing (APA)
  • Appropriate use of language conventions such as grammar, spelling and punctuation

Please refer to the Marking rubric for more information on how you will be graded.

Formatting Requirements: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
Cover Page: Not required
Type: Word Document only (doc or docx)
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12
Spacing: 1.5
Referencing Style: APA

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