PHIL2049 Evolution Mind and Culture

PHIL2049 Evolution Mind and Culture

ESSAY PLAN INSTRUCTIONSWord count: 500 words (maximum 540 words) (excluding reference list)

Worth: 10%

Format: Your essay must be written in 12-point font, double-spaced. Paragraphs can be justified OR aligned with left margin, as long as this style is consistent all throughout the document. Use font Times New Roman. Do NOT write anything on the header or the footer section of the document.

Reference Style: APA

The purpose of the essay plan is to demonstrate your critical understanding of a chosen topic, as well as showcase your writing skill before your final essay.

 Please clearly make a note at the end of the essay plan of what 2 readings you have used from my portal for example “Week 5, Kim et al”. And also, a link of the 2 academic sources you have found yourself!

 Style: You can do a sentence outline (bullet points)

Follow this example for essay plan exactly:

 Intro: How are you going to open your essay? A clear statement of what the argument will be. What is the thesis?

Para 1: In this section, I will talk about and do ___W__.

  • Key important terms that need to be defined in the essay (don’t define just list the terms)
  • Based on this point made by __X__, I will contend that __Y___……
  • It will lead to consider the possible counter- argument __Z__ against __Y__.
  • I will rebut this argument based on the fact that ________.

Para 2: ……. Same as above structure

Para 3: ……..Same as above structure

Para 4: …. Same as above structureConclusion: What you have achieved? And concluded.

 Essay question: Does evolutionary psychology succeed in explaining all human behaviours? Defend your position using arguments/counter-arguments.

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