Personal Statement Sample Essay

Personal Statement Sample Essay

I am applying for a Master’s program in ASU School for Social Work because I completely believe that social work is not only my correct career path but also an avenue to give back to the society. My desire has always been to work with and for the less privileged and help them gain trust in themselves. I spend much of my time with underprivileged people especially the youths who have a history of both emotional and behavioral problems. Having worked on full-time basis in a recruitment firm as a relief counselor, I have some background information in this area that I purpose to build on to be a better social worker. I aim to supplement this practical experience with a focused training in order to provide the best services to my target group.

Background Information

My desire for the social work profession could be entirely explained by my childhood experiences. In my early childhood I was subject to both physical and emotional abuse from the immediate society simply because my family could not live up the standards of a middle-class family. My parents also went through the same although in silence. We lacked friends to help us in the hardest circumstances. Our condition as a family deteriorated day by day and we were forced to sell the little property that we survived on. At this point, my life turned in to a new leaf. It was crystal clear that my parents could not afford to raise me amidst their struggles. They had already gone through too many traumatic experiences which they could have hardly survived if it were not for some few dedicated counsellors who came for our rescue. Through the help of these counsellors, my dad was able to secure a minimum wage job which could help us get back to our feet. Although our problems did not end at this point, we gained some hope of seeing a new day.

When I joined my high school, my parents constantly battled with the little that they had just to keep me at school. I was hopeful of succeeding with my college studies just to put a smile in the faces of my parents. This was however not enough; I wished to help struggling youths to get out of their situation and lead meaningful lives. I performed quite well in my high school studies and was lucky enough to get a scholarship from a local institution. While at college, I got a minimum wage job which helped me to pay most of my personal bills. Before this, my life at college was quite unbearable but my parents gave me the hope to go for my best. When I started earning, I was compelled to help those who were more pressed by situations than myself. My parents kept on reminding me our past experiences and how some souls had come for our liberation. They encouraged me to give away not because I had much but because it was a social duty. While still at college, I dedicated a lot of time in social activities in the organizations where I held some leadership positions. This gave me a great sense of maturity and accomplishment although I still felt void deep inside.

Responsibilities in Social Work

I feel that I have a duty to give back to my community which helped me greatly to become the person I am today. I am completely aware of how it feels to be on the receiving end as I already experienced it. In my career, I intent to help mainly children and adolescents in critical conditions. I feel obliged to make children and families lead hopeful lives regardless of their current situations. Social workers in the child, school and family domains attempt to maximize the educational functioning of the school going children and bettering the family’s general well-being (Pekkarinen & Helavirta, 2016). Such professionals also help parents cater for their children’s needs, plan for adoption and help locate foster homes. In school contexts, I intend to help address issues such as teenage pregnancies, truancy, drug addiction and poor performance. Social workers are well-known for helping establish good student-teacher relationships (Lassinantti, 2018).

Why ASU School of Social Work

I feel that the ASU School for Social work is a perfect place that molds social work practitioners to perfect career individuals committed to working for social justice. ASU is famed for contributing to the growth and dissemination of social work skills knowledge and greatly upholds the professional ethics and values. Above all, ASU accentuates a great understanding and reverence for uniqueness and diversity. I believe that ASU will build on my skills gained both at my past educational institutions and at the working environments. The gap left in my career path will perfectly be filled by undertaking a Masters program at ASU.

I believe that the highest point in life is helping others rediscover themselves and be satisfied with whom they are. I do not purpose to do good just to impress others but rather to fulfill a duty that I feel attached to. Since I was once a victim of social injustice, I believe I will be able to serve the society diligently. The fact that I have a firsthand experience makes me more inclined to creating stronger bonds with my target audience. I am quite certain that I will make a significant difference in the social dimension with the aid of a Master’s degree in social work from ASU.


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