Performance Management in Omega

Performance Management in Omega

Perquisite forms the basis of performance planning (Gruman & Saks, 2011). However, Omega Inc. lacks proper perquisite for appropriate performance planning. There is no direct link between the company top management and sales representatives who are crucial determinants of the company success. Besides, there is no clear definition of the sales representative roles. To overcome this top management should focus on building the performance among the franchisees and also have transparent communication whereby goals, mission and vision of the company will be well defined and understood by all the employees of the company.If performance planning is not appropriate definitely performance execution will be a challenge (Toppo & Prusty , 2012). Omega Inc. seems to lack proper performance planning to the extent that the plans arrived at by the management are not documented. This contributes to lack of clear link between the established performance plans and implementation of the anticipated performance. Omega will get rid of this by ensuring that all the performance plans are documented and executed accordingly. Alternatively, any deviation from the laid down performance plans should be corrected.

Performance execution provides a prerequisite for performance assessment (Pulakos, 2009). Even though Omega Inc. was able to carry out performance assessment it has been evidently found that the performance plans were never achieved. Therefore, the paper argues that there has been a link between performance execution and performance assessment.

Performance assessment drives the management to carry out performance review (Toppo & Prusty , 2012). Upon assessment Omega Inc. performance the paper finds that the performance of the sales representatives has declined.  This has forced the company to review the performance and network of the franchise managers.

Performance review acts the decision making foundation for the management to either renew the performance or carry out performance re-contracting (Pulakos, 2009). The performance review of Omega Inc. shows that the performance of the company has declined. Therefore. The best option for the company is to do away with performance renewal and re-contracting.Performance renewal and re-contracting is much linked with performance perquisites (Gruman & Saks, 2011).  The performance of the sales representatives’ skills and their services to customers clearly shows that the company should not go for performance renewal or re-contracting. However, if the company opts to continue working with the same franchises it should compel them to acquire sales persons who are highly competent and qualified.

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