PER2105 Strength and Conditioning

PER2105 Strength and Conditioning

Unit outcomes to be assessed:

  1. Articulate core physiology and training concepts and their application to human movement
  2. Analyse skills related to physiological aspects of training and conditioning
  3. Evaluate and synthesise resource material in order to develop sports conditioning programs
  4. Analyse the evidence underpinning the principles of training and how these principles are manipulated to prescribe exercise and promote adaptation
  5. Recommend and justify exercise prescription using an evidence-based approach
  6. Integrate a variety of training principles, conditioning methods and sports science concepts into a basic training program

Task Description:

Students are required to choose a specific sport training program case study and required to prescribe four (4) X one-week training programs for their chosen sport. Each program will be based on the student s case study and one of the following training types: Training types:

x         Strength training x           Hypertrophy training x            Power training x  Anaerobic training x         Aerobic Endurance training Students are required to submit a report on their chosen type of training program. The report should be presented using the following headings:

x            Introduction x      Prescription Focus x               Methodology x     Expected Outcomes x               Conclusion

Students should consider the following focus areas in their response:

x What are the training prescription principles for each training type and how does this compare with other training variables?

o Compare frequency, intensity, time, type & recovery between training variables

x What are the training adaptations for each training topic and how do they compare with the other training variables? Theoretical reasons (physiological, neural etc.) behind why that training method is proposed to elicit a specific outcome / adaptation (what is/are the mechanisms of the training stimulus on the body),  o What is the expected time frame for a training response to be achieved for each of the training variables you have included?

x What are the training variables of each resistance training type (Including load, reps/sets/time, recovery, movement speed and intensity)?

x A basic overview of nutritional considerations required to support each training type in their program

Training program  the training program should be detailed in the assignment, so it can be referred to in the main body. This does not count towards the word limit. Your training program should be supported with academic evidence throughout, to justify prescribed exercises and methods, reps/sets/time, movement speed (tempo), recovery and intensity.

Justification of Program   in this section you need to discuss your training program s design, constantly referring to the literature to justify the exercises, load, reps/sets/time, recovery, intensity that you have implemented in your training program.

References  (does not count towards the word limit) APA 7th format as per standard College procedure. You are required to review a minimum of 5 evidence-based sources. A minimum of 3 journal articles should be included in this list. Citations in the text should match the sources in your list.

It is highly recommended that you upload your report to Turnitin at least one week before the due date so that you get a feedback report which will allow you to make amendments. Remember if there are many students uploading their work it could take more than 48 hours to receive the report. This is your responsibility.


  1. Students are encouraged to discuss all aspects of the assignment with their lecturer/tutor on a regular basis to ensure they are taking the correct approach and meeting the required outcomes and expectations of the assessment item.
  2. Students need to be aware that website material is INADMISSIBLE in this assignment. Should students include such material they will be given NO CREDIT for this material. Credit WILL ONLY be given for those sources which are print-based (print-based material includes PDF reviewed articles published in online journals). If you are unsure about your source for any reason it is your responsibility to check with your lecturer.
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