Past Requiem Mass Movements

Past Requiem Mass Movements

1.On You Tube Listen to one movement that is one SECTION and ONLY One Section of:
a Mozart’s Requiem Mass,
b Verdi’s Requiem Mass,
c Brahms Requiem Mass,
d Durufle, Requiem Mass,
e Faure’s Requiem Mass, and lastly
f Ligeti’s Requiem Mass.

2. Write out a definition of each movement.I.E. what doe Kyrie Elison mean? etc., What does Confutatis mean et-al Again all the movements.Look it up on wiki-pedia.3. Discuss the overall feeling of each work for example is it up lifting and hopeful, or tragic or is it doomed/scary.

4. Which one is the most HOPEFUL out of all of them’2 and WHY do you think so? is it
happy or sad or weird sounding?

5. Do you think the composer/s compose music that enhances the text OR the text is just a reference, and the music is a complete emotional opposite of what the text means. EVIDENCE EVIDENCE is important in your answer.

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