Paintball Restorative Justice Case Study

Paintball Restorative Justice Case Study

The Offender
Fort Collins lies in Northern Colorado and is known as the “Choice City,” because it is one of the popular places to live in the United States. As a result this conservative city of over 10,000 people, known for its university and agriculture heritage, is growing rapidly and experiencing the joys and pains of rapid growth.

One evening in April of 1998, 15 year old Justin Barton and two of his cousins were together for the evening in Fort Collins, Colorado. Early in the evening the teenagers were at the Foothills Fashion Mall. They ate dinner at Taco Bell and went to a coffee shop. While driving around, the boys passed Swenson’s Ice Cream Parlor. After
Justin’s cousins told him he could not go paintballing with them, Justin reached into the trunk, though the back seat, pulled out a paintball gun, and fired into a group of girls at the store.

As he fired the gun, Justin noticed a young girl quickly turn her head. His cousins said, “Justin, what are you doing?” Justin replied, “I think I shot a girl in the face.”Answer the questions at the end of the Paintball Case. Questions are also posted below.

1. Read this case history through the court proceedings. What would most likely be the outcome of this case in your community? What values would prevail in your community for handling this case?

2. What restorative justice core values are exemplified in this case history?

3. How were these questions answered in the case history: What harm resulted from the paintball incident? How can we heal the harm? Who is responsible for healing the harm?

4. What would your community need to do to create a restorative justice approach to incidents such as presented in the case history?.

Papers will be completed in Word Format as an attachment. The papers will be typed in Times New Roman using 12 font. Papers will be double-spaced.

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