Organisational Change and Innovation

Organisational Change and Innovation

Your Task

During this subject so far, you have been exposed to various theories about innovation and creativity. Being able to apply these concepts in a practical manner is a key outcome of this course. 

As part of the online class, you will  explore new solutions to a contemporary workplace problem, using techniques, concepts and theories discussed during the lectures.

You will be given time in class (Week 2-5) to work on your “creative” journey, share reflections with other students, conduct team-based activities and explore the use of tools.

Based on your in-class participation, you will then write and submit an individual report.

Your task is to identify a work-related problem you are currently experiencing at work or choose one below.

You will need to develop new solutions by using techniques, concepts and theories discussed during the lectures. You should research further to identify tools that will be most suitable for you.  Some suggestions include: Fishbone diagrams, How to statements or levels of abstraction.

The only problem is you are very limited with resources you can use. You have many paper clips, some paper (different sizes), and coloured pens and a coat hanger.

Some possible work problems:

  1. How to speed up marking for MBA613
  2. How to encourage people to recycle in their office How to reduce waiting time in a busy café
  3. How to improve a washing machine?
  4. How to arrange prams during the very busy zoo showtimes.

Assessment Instructions 

1. You will need to measure your creativity from http://higheredbcs.wiley.com/legacy/college/bessant/0470032693/interactive/creative.html?new window=true and record their results (Week 1)2. Organise a “Genius Hour” online with a group of students and discuss what activities will need to be included? What will be your approach? Your creativity test results, your fears, passions, ideas etc. Some tools you can use include (but not limited to) Brainstorming, Mindmapping, Storyboarding, Visualisation (Week 2)

3. Every week try to create and add to your “creativity pool” (Week 1 to 4) During the lectures you were given some tools to force you for creative thinking. You may also want to do some further research and use any tool you like such as Synectic Pinball Machine, Six Thinking Hats or Checklists. Choose the best idea but do not waste the rest of the ideas – can these ideas be recycled somewhere?

4. Write an individual report about your creative journey. Make sure you include all the theory, concepts, tools that you have used. This is a reflective essay which requires you to reflect on your creative journey. Do not forget to integrate theoretical concepts and refer to at least 6 academic references to support your ideas.

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