Operations Management Case Study

Operations Management Case Study

Case Study; Concept Design Services. This case study provides the source material for the course work brief for operations management.“Over a 10-year period we have totally transformed our outlook, our resources and our prospects. From being and inward-looking manufacturing company, we have become a customer-focused, integrated service provider.  From a large commodity supplier, we have become known for our value-added and innovative designs. Most importantly, our performance as a company has been little short of spectacular, and I see no reason why we cannot continue on this upward path [Table 1].  I know that the Group board is very impressed with our achievements and uses this subsidiary as its best example of successful innovation.” (Excerpt)

Please review the CDS case study and attempt the following. All points must be addressed.

·         Critically evaluate the CDS operations and describe the relevance of operations management in CDS. Use the knowledge to explain how the CDS’ operations management activities be appropriate for its competitiveness.

·         Identify and critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the key operations performance of objectives for CDS. What implications can you draw from these?

·         Critically evaluate the extent to which CDS activities, in terms of design, delivery, and development, influence its performance objectives.

·         Analyse the changes, including their motivations, in CDS operations and processes, explain how CSD can adapt to future changes.

·         How can CDS benchmark itself against competitors and what can you recommend for CDS to improve its operations?

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