Operations and Project Management

Operations and Project Management

Operations and Project Management (OPM) Operations management deals with approaching day-to-day as well as strategic business issues systematically. Project management deals with planning, organising, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.

Completion of this assignment will address the following assessment criteria:
1 Apply each stage of the PLC to a given project, producing necessary supporting documentation for completing the project e.g. a business case, project plan, work breakdown structure.
2 Review and critique the effectiveness of the PLC in application to the chosen project using appropriate theories, concepts and models.
M3 Analyse the rationale for the project methodologies, tools and leadership within the PLC for the given project.
M4 Critically analyse how the use of appropriate theories, concepts and models in the PLC will differentiate between large and small-scale projects.
D2 Critically evaluate the PLC through a practical and theoretical exploration of its effectiveness.


Task: Apply the Project Life Cycle (PLC) to a given context and review its use in a given project.
Title:  Implementation of Operations Management – Report of Project Life Cycle of a Specific Project

Your Report should include:

Executive Summary

Contents Page


Stage 1 of Project life cycle – . Examples could include business cases, aims and objectives, tasks and responsibilities in the definition stage of the PLC

Stage 2 of Project life cycle – schedules, budgets and resources in the Planning stage & Gantt Chart, project plan and work breakdown structure.Stage 3 of Project life cycle – Planning, Testing any Management techniques to be used like Taylors Scientific approach, continuous improvement or others.

Stage 4 of Project life cycle – Change, quality and forecasts in the Execution stage of techniques or management principles used in stage 3 of the PLC.

Conclusions – Finally, in your report you should review and critique the effectiveness of the project life cycle in application to your chosen project using appropriate theories, concepts and models.


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