Nursing Children and Young People

Nursing Children and Young People

NUR3503 Assessment 2: Case study analysis—Essay = 30%

 Case study

Craig, a 10-year old boy was admitted to your facility in the company of his grandmother whom he spent the weekend with. Craig is known to the neurological team of your hospital. During his stay with his grandmother, he did not take his usual medications for two days. When grandmother queried Craig, he responded that his seizures have been well under control and he had stopped taking his regular medications for a week now. He was brought in an unconscious state via the ambulance. Grandmother stated that Craig has been having seizures without recovery and appears heavily confused and disoriented. She stated that the interval between the seizures is less than 3 minutes and Craig had remained unresponsive after the last seizure. Grandmother reported bowel opening and passing of urine in the first seizure episode and stated Craig’s parents were on their way to the hospital. She is terrified and concerned about Craig’s wellbeing.On examination, the following observations were recorded:

Temperature = 39.8 degrees, HR= 140, Oxygen saturation 85%, RR= 32 rapid and shallow, BP= 100/65mmHg. Weight recorded 41kg.

A diagnosis of convulsive status epilepticus was made based on the generalized non- resolving seizures. Craig has a past medical history of epilepsy, which has been under control for the past 18 months with anti-epileptic medications.

Using the case study above, discuss the etiology, management and health promotion for Craig and his family.

Assignment guidelines 

Word count = 2000 (+/-10% word count)

 Your assignment should include the following:

  1. Discuss the aetiology of the presenting condition.
  2. Discuss the assessments (Paediatric Assessment Tool and/or Primary Assessment Framework) you will undertake to prioritize and manage care for Craig?
  3. Describe the nursing management of the condition
  4. Using the child and family centred care model, how will you care for Craig’s family?
  5. What discharge education and health promotion will you emphasize?
  6. How will you teach Craig to take charge of the management of his epilepsy? What community support resources will you refer Craig to?

Detailed instructions

  • Essay format with formatted headings in accordance with School of Nursing & Midwifery guidelines (see BB Assessment tab).
  • Academic writing style following APA referencingguidelines.
  • Appropriate sentence structure, conjunctions, word use, grammar and spelling (this is an English Language Proficiency (ELP) specified unit).
  • Students should format their essay with relevant headings representing the assignment sections. The assignment must flow smoothly and read logically for the reader. Note: Ensure that each section is discussed within the essay, showing depth of knowledge and understanding, critical thinking, evidence and content coverage.


 Introduction (approx 100 words)

  • An overview of the overall topic and definition ofterminology.
  • An outline of the assignment relevant to the patient.

Section one (approx 600 words)

  • Describe the presenting problem’s aetiology

Section two (approx. 1000 words)

  • Discuss the nursing considerations and management for this child, incorporating examples of child and family centred care, assessment strategies and nursing actions.
  • Discuss potential assessment findings, what range of assessments or preparations would be required and what appropriate assessment tools will you utilise / would be used. Consider any potential changes eg.

deterioration/recovery and how this would impact on the care provided.

  • Students should identify, consider and briefly discuss nursing management, – this should demonstrate the student’s ability to demonstrate clinical knowledge, critically think and incorporate evidence informedpractice.
  • Students should also incorporate any holistic health considerations to demonstrate critical thinking.

Section three (200)

 Discuss the health promotion strategies you will put in place for Craig and his family and the community resources they can utilise.

Conclusion (approx 100 words)

 Provide an overview of the assignment and the primary relevant points identified. No new material introduced.


  • In-text and end-text referencing per current ECU referencing guidelines – APA 7thedition style.
  • Minimum of 10 current and credible academic references, using a variety of sources (including a minimum of seven journal articles and maximum of three quality websites, Australian and other credible websites). Credible website examples include Australian Hospital published guidelines and/or published Australian Government reports. Patient information sources will not be accepted as academicreferences.
  • Accepted academic articles up to five years old, scholarly books up to 10 yearsold.
  • Recent and quality sources used – Wikipedia and Dictionary.com will not be accepted as a reference sources.
  • Medical dictionary may be used for medical terminology but should not be included in your reference numbers.
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