Nursing Care of People with Complex Conditions

Nursing Care of People with Complex Conditions

You are a registered nurse working in an emergency department resuscitation room where Corey Knight has been brought in by paramedics. The paramedics give a handover (IMIST AMBO – see paramedic handover video) but do not have much information about Corey’s medical history.Part 1 – Primary Survey (approx.1500 words)

Critically review the information provided (Paramedics Handover, ECG, pocket contents) to enable you as a registered nurse to undertake a primary survey (A-E) on Corey Knight. For each letter of the algorithm discuss the priorities of nursing assessment/care.

Part 2 – Discharge planning (approx. 800 words)

Corey has been transferred to B6, an Orthopaedic Ward. He has had surgery on a fractured femur with an external fixation device. 6 weeks later, Corey has the device removed is ready to be discharged home, on crutches. Critically analyse what you will need to do as a registered nurse to prepare for Corey to be discharged home. In this response consider biological, psychological, sociocultural, environmental and politicoeconomic factors and also who you may need to incorporate from the interdisciplinary team to ensure a holistic and collaborative approach to Corey’s discharge. This assessment should include a brief introduction and conclusion (approximately 100 words each) and be structured as per the School of Nursing Assessment Handbook. You may use headings for this paper. All information should be supported with current evidence from a variety of quality sources such as, peer reviewed articles, government documents, policies, procedures and guidelines, textbooks and other reputable resources. Do not use first person for this paper.

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