NUM3511 Community Health Assessment

NUM3511 Community Health Assessment

This unit will enable students to develop knowledge and skills in this increasingly important area of nursing and midwifery practice. Primary Health Care theory, including health education, health promotion and behaviour-change models will be studied. Students will learn how to access and analyse epidemiological health data, in order to identify the health needs of communities and incorporate these into nursing and midwifery practice. The skills needed to plan health promotion activities in order to encourage good health and meet community health needs will be examined. An important aspect of this unit is the consideration of how good health can be encouraged within
the role of nurses and midwives for individuals, families and communities and across all ages and cultures. The unit will have a wide geographical focus and will include local, national and international examples of Primary Health Care.Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit students should be able to:
1. Evaluate epidemiological data to determine community health needs and socioecological determinants of health.
2. Plan theoretical Primary Health Care activities and strategies to meet identified community health needs.
3. Apply the concepts of health promotion, education and disease prevention across the lifespan and within different cultures and populations.
4. Critically appraise the relevance of Primary Health Care and inter-professional collaboration to the changing health needs of the Australian population.Ass 2: Contemporary Topic: Community Health Assessment
Population/ Community Groups.
Please select one of the groups below to develop your community health assessment.
Group 1.
A regional town in Western Australia with a focus on the young adult age range 12 to 18 years.

Group 2.
A rural/remote community in Western Australia with a focus on the older adult.

Group 3.
Children 0 – 12 years from migrant or refugee families in Western Australia.

Group 4.
Perth metro with a focus on the adult age range.Task Description 

-Select one of the 4 population/community groups provided above.

-Write a 2000 word essay to describe and discuss factors that will assist you to identify a health issue for which you can later develop a health promotion program (Ass 3) aimed at improving health outcomes for your chosen target group.

Process and Protocols for the development of your essay

– Using epidemiological data you are required to describe your selected population/community.
-Select a target group within that population/community that interests you.
-Determine health issues that impact the target group, and select one that you can later use to develop a health promotion program.
-Analyse the social determinants that impact the target group.

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