Nature of Aggression in the Human Race

Nature of Aggression in the Human Race

            Is it natural for the human race to create wars? Are the cases of conflicts attributed to various political affiliations inevitable products of the human condition? Some scholars suggest that the answer is yes while new researchers are opposed to this. The clash of the ideologies has opened a new controversy about whether war is an invention created by civilization or an older phenomenon of human nature. This is a Student Sample ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Every news program reports about wars, murder, physical assaults and rape on a daily basis. Although the news does not tell us about all violent encounters, they provide an insight of the society we are living in, where aggression is a natural phenomenon. At learning institutions, children at the lowest grade fight over who will be the first one to enter the classroom or in the meal line. This implies that even at the earliest stages of life, the human race inherently possesses aggression. Along the streets, people are pushed off the way if they are not walking as fast as the other pedestrians would like them to. War is an ancient and constant phenomenon that has since long helped to shape humanity (Geen, 2010). There is a philosophy that states that aggression is an evolutionary trait that humans inherited in their genetic composition. This is traced back to when the humans shared the same ancestors with the chimpanzees who also deploy wars between themselves (Geen, 2010). The belief that humans are innately aggressive is backed up by Darwinian Theory that only the fittest species will survive since we are living in a highly competitive society.

Contrasting views argue that aggression is a learned trait. Ideally, when children are born, they unconditionally display joy and constantly have the desire to explore the world around them. Human behaviors such as violence, racism, and competition are not in any way linked to genetics. They are acquired as one grows depending on the environment one is exposed to (Asian Economic and Social Society, 2017). A man is a product of his environment but also possesses powers to change the environment. We always have the freedom to choose. War is a product of human choice and thus his full responsibility (Asian Economic and Social Society, 2017). To be precise, if human beings were evolutionary aggressive, then they would attain some physiological characteristics suitable for aggression.

Personally, I believe that the human race is not in any aspect burdened with aggression in their DNA at birth. These traits are shaped and programmed by the surroundings. In my opinion, human conflicts and wars can be avoided. If everyone lives in the right order and be considerate to other people’s needs, the society will be a better place to live. The direct comparison between humans and chimpanzees does not justify the waging of wars. Humans are rational beings and ought to display some order, unlike the primates who do not possess ration. This is a Student Sample¬†ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


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