National Popular Voting System Essay

National Popular Voting System Essay

Why America Needs to Embrace the National Popular Voting System for Presidential Elections

Despite America being a democratic country, there have been major debates concerning whether the citizens are allowed to exercise their democracy fully. These debates mainly sprout from the manner in which the presidential election is carried out. The current American system dictates that the Electoral college is charged with the election of the president. Under the system of electoral college, only 538 individuals are actively involved in voting for the president. This voting style disregards the popular vote. The debate concerning the style of electing the president gained momentum following two recent cases whereby a presidential candidates won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral college. This loss in the Electoral College made them ineligible to take up the top seat in the country.The National Popular Vote Movement holds the opinion that the current system does not allow for fairness and equality in voting. According to the proponents of the movement, all voters should be valued equally regardless of where they live. While the existing system is grounded on the constitutional laws which state that the winner should be allocated all the electoral votes, the revolutionary movement says that it is the popular vote that should be used to determine the winner in the presidential elections. The National Popular Movement proposes that the country should do away with the Electoral College system of voting and embrace the popular vote. According to them, the “winner take all” system denies the voters their full right. The current system, therefore, relegates a vast majority of the United States to spectator status.

I believe that the voting system, which is suggested by the National Popular Movement, is superior to the existing Electoral Colleges system of voting. The current voting system is ineffective because it promotes partisanship, distorts presidential campaigns, and marginalizes the US voters. There is a dire need for the United States to adopt the popular vote system, which will make the notion of one-person, one-vote more practical.

The popular vote system will help ensure that every vote counts, unlike the electoral college system of voting, which upholds the idea of “winner takes it all.” The electoral college system of voting disenfranchises many voters in the United States. Ideally, one national popular vote should determine the winner of the presidential elections depending on the candidate who got the most votes nationwide. The electoral college system does not allow a majority of the American citizens to exercise their real political voice. The electoral college system of voting is a major unique element of a lack of democracy in the United States’ government. The system acts in thwarting the direct democracy of all citizens. The voters who live in solidly blue or red states are always marginalized as their votes do not matter at all. This implies that the voters in extremely partisan states have a very limited to no chance of impacting the presidential polls. This awareness in the public domain leads to a lower voter turnout since the voters have already established who will win in such states. Embracing the national popular vote system will help in improving the turnout rates of voters in all states. The voters will be sure that their vote will determine who will win in the elections. The fundamental principle to the philosophy of democratic governance that emphasizes political equality will therefore be met.The national popular vote system will discourage the popular campaign trends by the presidential candidates. Under the current system, the presidential candidates only conduct major campaigns on the battlegrounds. The national popular vote system will thwart the practice of candidates only campaigning heavily on the swing states. Presidential candidates will cease from ignoring the states which are reliably believed to be blue or red. It is the swing states which are left to determine the presidential outcome since the winner stands a chance to get all the votes cast. The citizens residing in non-competitive states have a limited role to play in determining the winner. For instance, a loyal Republican living in California will, in every four years, be involved in an exercise of political powerlessness in the presidential polls.

Embracing the national popular vote as the system of determining who wins in the presidential poll is a means of empowering voters. This will improve voter registration and election participation rates. Candidates will focus more on real issues of national importance in their campaigns as opposed to garnering votes in the swing states. This will promote democratic voting and equality in the political sphere.

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