My Very Own Utopia: Fiction Essay

My Very Own Utopia: Fiction Essay

            The world today is faced with crisis that makes it unbearable for most of the people. There are challenges that face the people as they strive to survive and in most cases the inferior one succumb to the pressure. It is therefore important to imagine of an ideal world that all of us may desire to live in. A perfect country can be said to be the one which is economically, socially and politically favorable to almost the entire population. The citizens takes pride in it and enjoys all the aspects of the nation. In a naturally beautiful country there is full protection and preservation of the environment. This essay explore some of the qualities of a beautiful state which I have chosen to name `My Utopia. 

Qualities of My Utopia

Firstly, there is absolute democracy. The form of government that would be supported would be a form of complete Democracy. This will prevent chaos among the people and will ensure equal distribution of power. Those in authority will represent the will of the people and not their selfish interests. The minorities’ opinions will be valued and regarded with care along separate standards to ensure the sustainability of all the people. The voice of the opposition will not be entirely ignored by those in authority as a win-win situation will always be arrived at by conflicting parties in case of a crisis. The tyranny that otherwise results in the oppression of the minority will be unheard of in my Utopia as consultations, respect for views and consensus will be the primary methods of policy development. The conflicting parties will always be willing to re-adjust their demands and meet a compromising situation.

Secondly, there is universal free Healthcare that covers every expense. My Utopia will also have universal free healthcare that will cover all the medical expenses of the people. This will be awesome since everyone will be able to treat their injuries and diseases without having to worry about money. This doesn’t mean that everyone is getting careless and going to have a lot of diseases since part of the health expenditure will be used to meet education and awareness budgets on proper dieting and personal health management.  This just means that the citizens will have one less thing to worry about. My perfect nation will even provide non-critical services such as plastic surgery to those interest all catered for by the national health insurance fund. The citizens will be free to engage in any form of health and physical enhancement all in one basket with 100 percent support from the government.

Thirdly, there is universal free education (all levels including undergrad, graduate. etc.). Learning is an option available to everyone. Everyone has the option to peruse an education. Education is no longer a privilege available to the elite but rather a basic right that is available to all. Everyone will have an equal chance at everything, and those who do hard work will be rewarded. However, the means will be provided in the form of free education. Any citizen of my Utopia will be at liberty to pursue a career of their own choice and follow it all the way to Doctorate level all fully supported by the government.

Fourthly, people have sexual freedom. Everyone is free to express whatever form of sexual desires they have. As long as it is consensual; all the parties are agreeing, everything is permitted. No one judges anyone else for their sexual preferences as long as it is behind closed doors. Allowing nudity on the streets would be a very hard issue to deal with, and I don’t see it being in my Utopia. My Utopia will, therefore, have respect for Gay, lesbians, transgender and bi-sexual and no one will be discriminated against by their sexual orientation. The issue of public nudity will also be accommodative. Those in favor of expressing their satisfaction sexually by way of posting nudes will be allowed under some minimal rules such as ensuring minors do not access them. Those offended by such actions will be directed to appreciate other people choices and avoid visiting these sites.

Additionally, there is Justice and Equality to all. Everyone will have justice. Equality is a right and not a privilege. Also, everyone will have their justice. There will be a jury and minimum chaos in the form of a very strict legal system if one is caught lying to the court. On the other hand, the jails will not be actual jails, but correction facilities as the aim of this Utopia are to have better citizens. Rehabilitation in these facilities will bear maximum results. The courts and the police will ensure a fair trial and at no given time will we have mistaken legal process. The judiciary will be free and independent even to execute the rule of law to those in authorities.

My Utopia also has a strong a stable family structure. This means that there will be minimum elderly homes. My Utopia is a place where the family is very important, and the parent/kid bonds should be maintained at all costs. Everyone will be happy this way as they will have a very strong support system to rely on. In as much as the theory by Plato will seem to discourage this idea, the wish of the people will be respected. They desire to have a strong family setting and as such this will be achievable and realizable in my perfect world.

In addition, everyone citizen globally is provided security and Shelter. Going by the Hierarchy of needs, every citizen is to feel safe around others. Security and shelter will be things that everyone has at the expense of the government, No one will worry about anything, and everyone will be happy. The minimum requirements of Abraham Maslow theory will be a guarantee in my Utopia. The citizens will feel secure and protected by their government from attacks both from within or from without.

Wars are a myth to scare kids at night. Wars are myths of the past. Everyone lives in harmony and racial differences are accepted with harmony and peace. Everyone is to live a racist-free life and people not divided in whichever line of division. There will be religious respect, and various religions will appreciate each other. Religious, racial or any other line of division and recipe for chaos will be history in my Utopia.

There is also Equal Wealth Distribution. Wealth will be evenly distributed in my perfect world. There will be no significant difference between the upper class and the middle class. Low-class citizens will be a terminology read about as there will none to be identified.  At no given time will some people solely control the economy, but rather a collective responsibility of all the citizens. Pa capital income measure will be an accurate reflection of the economic state of affairs as everyone will be earning almost the same amount of income. People will enjoy the national resource distributed by the government in equal measure, and no single class will benefit more than the other as both share almost the same economic needs.Finally, there is Free trade and mobility of factors of production. There will be successful businesses in my Utopia which support the national goal of 24-hour economy. People will trade freely in any form of economic activity they wish as long as it does not affect the rights of others. Any time of the day, any place within My Utopia, the citizens will be engaging in commercial activities that are regulated minimally by the government.

It may seem impossible to have the perfect nation of our own imaginations. However, it is worth noting that the mind is unlimited source of ideas which if put into practice makes everything good in its time. My perfect Utopia is still achievable bearing in mind that we as humans as the source of most of the imperfections of this world, are still the very same ones with the ability to solve them. The solution to these problems are always available as long as there is the desire to come out of them. As the old adage goes, where there is a will there is a way.

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