My Learning Experience Essay

My Learning Experience Essay

I have had many learning experiences since my elementary and high school years. For example, particular teachers were friendly and employed effective techniques of making sure their lessons were understood easily. Other teachers appeared not to bother too much provided that they played their duty of teaching. However, out of all these experiences, the most important and memorable one ever remains the experience I encountered while in my fifth grade. I flamboyantly remember that single day which literally transformed my life. I remember very well it was my first band lesson. The feeling, excitement, and anticipation I experienced as I opened saxophone for the first time in my life is unexplainable. The band director started instructing me how to hold my saxophone as well as the fingering techniques. Upon the completion of the lesson, I had learned a little about how to play the saxophone. In fact, this marked my first day to play “Hot Cross Buns. Even today this has remained as the most important learning experience in my life because I was able to play my first song on my first band lesson.

At the age of eleven years old it came as a surprise to me that I came to like saxophones. However, the credit should be granted to my lesson band teacher. My instructor made the lesson easier for me. First, he started by introducing me to the saxophone. Secondly, he went ahead to instruct me on how to use basic methods to ensure that I played the instrument appropriately. Thirdly, developmental phase followed and at the end I was able to understand note values as well as beginning notes.

Hand in hand with my teacher I developed my skills. My teacher concluded the lesson by helping me to put together all information I had acquired during the lesson. The sounds that I had made throughout the learning process surprisingly became the music that was marked by performing my first ever song in my life. At the end of this lesson, I was left feeling that I had accomplished something important in my life. As I conclude, I can attest that I have never had another important learning experience as I had on this particular day.

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