My Best Childhood Friendship Essay

My Best Childhood Friendship Essay

While some people come into our lives and take their leave quite quickly, some stay in our heart chambers and even leave some footprints worth recalling (Degges-White, 2015). There is something about childhood friendship that can hardly be duplicated in adulthood. A best friend, especially in childhood, is a title that is really demanding to earn, it is only held by the very privileged individuals (Degges-White, 2015). With all the selfishness attached to childhood, it is quite amazing how children acquire their regular friends (Degges-White, 2015). Joe has been in my life for so long. He is a portion of all the precious childhood memories.I suppose our friendship was majorly influenced by the fact that both our parents were friends and we schooled at the same school. Since the start our friendship, I have always seen Joe not only as a friend but rather as a family. He was a fairly tall guy, brown in complexion and brown-eyed. In my view, his caring and warm personality was appealing to me, and he turned out to be my favorite. I think that our bondage was much sparked by the fact that we were similar in so many ways (Derhally, 2016). We were fairly of the same height, complexion, and age. I suppose that the fact that our families were of the same status propelled our friendship to greater heights. It is these commonalities that made us feel fit together and relate well.

I spend much of my time with Joe, and I suppose this explains the fact that we shared many hobbies. I recall how we helped each other with house chores to spare more time for play. We attended school together and studied together. The most fateful moments were when we were late for school, and our teacher insisted that we had to perform some given task. We learned bike riding and swimming together. At times I marvel at how kids trust and share in the moments of hard times. Joe was and still is that kind of a friend who would always push me to the comfort zone even in the moments of family dynamics. Childhood friendship is frequently overlooked considering the incredible impact it makes on our welfare (Derhally, 2016). Early childhood relationships are underrated although they have a positive developmental influence.Order Now from Course ResearchersJoe and I still owe each other a lot. He is still my best friend. I have other friends who have been in my life since childhood, but I find Joe extra close. Perhaps I had never put much thought into this and might have taken our friendship for granted. There must be real bottomless reasons why Joe is still my best friend. Firstly, we have undergone a lot together good or bad. The fact that we go through the lowest lows together and the highest highs together binds us even closer noticing how much we need each other. Secondly, Joe has been a family to me, and we know each other better than any other person does. Thirdly, Joe is just as weird as me. Growing up together we watched and filmed our own movies together. Currently, we are a grownup edition of our weird little selves. Joe has always pushed me to fun.

My friends have said to me over and over again that I am such a good listener that I hardly express myself verbally. Supposedly, Joe happens to be the opposite of this. I think this works perfectly to complement one another. Joe is the speaker, and I am the listener. This has been my easiest friendship to establish and maintain and marks the end of by best childhood friendship essay.

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