Mrs Jones Encounter with Adam

Mrs Jones Encounter with Adam

Read the case study, and respond to the question that follows. (This is a real world example of an encounter between a student and a teacher.) (The paragraphs are numbered for your reference.)

Adam is a bright but active and talkative sixth grader who periodically blurts out answers in class before his classmates have a chance to respond. He also has a habit of putting pens in his mouth. Mrs. Jones, his teacher, uses a classroom-management system in which students get “tallies” for misbehavior. She usually gives students one warning if they break a rule, which is then followed by giving a “tally,” although students will occasionally get tallies for a first infraction. Receiving three or more tallies in a one-week period results in a half hour of detention. Adam is periodically warned about his blurting out answers, and he then stops doing so for several days. He, and other students, periodically receive tallies, but rarely receive three in a week, wanting to avoid the possibility of detention.Order Now from Course ResearchersAs the students are making the transition from the learning activity to seat work, Mrs. Jones announces quite loudly, “Adam, Sanchia just told me that you spit on her. . . . We don’t behave that way, and we particularly don’t spit on each other. You will be receiving a tally.” The students, somewhat startled by Mrs. Jones’s announcement, look around at Adam and Sanchia, but they quickly settle down and begin their seat work, and the rest of the day proceeds without incident. “Mom! Adam nearly screams as he walks into the house after school that day. “Mrs. Jones is so terrible and so mean. She is so unfair,” he continues nearly out of control. “Wait, . . . calm down, honey,” Suzanne, his mother, says, putting her arm around him and attempting to soothe his feelings. “Tell me what happened.” “I’m just working, and out of the blue Mrs. Jones announces in front of the whole class that I spit on Sanchia, and that I have a tally.” “Are you sure you were ‘just working’?” Suzanne probes. “Did you spit on Sanchia?” “No, no, no, . . . Mom, I really didn’t.” “You must have done something,” Suzanne continues to probe. “Sanchia wouldn’t just make that up out of the clear blue.” They talk at length, and during the discussion it comes out that Adam did indeed have his pen in his mouth and “I maybe pointed it at Sanchia,” “Did it have saliva on it?” “I don’t know . . . maybe,” Adam confesses. “But, Mom, it’s terrible unfair. I got a tally once for tattling, and now Sanchia says I spit at her, when I didn’t really do it, and I get a tally. It just isn’t fair. Why didn’t she get a tally for tattling?”

Suzanne considers the incident, talks to a friend, and decides to write Mrs. Jones a note inquiring about her tally system and how it’s administered. In the note, Suzanne questions Mrs. Jones’s giving Adam a tally when she didn’t see the incident—she only used the other student’s word—and she also questions the inconsistency in giving tallies. Upon receiving the note, Mrs. Jones calls Adam out in the hall before class and says, “What’s this all about? I got a note from your mom about the tally you received for spitting on Sanchia.” “But, Mrs. Jones,” Adam protests. “I didn’t spit on her. I swear, . . . I didn’t.” “Well, that’s the way it goes sometimes,” Mrs. Jones responds. “Sometimes you need to just shake it off. That’s part of life. . . . Now, go back into the classroom. We’re about to start.” “Do I still have the tally?” “Yes.”Order Now from Course ResearchersIdentify at least four things Mrs. Jones did in the encounter with Adam that were ineffective, specify the paragraphs in which the ineffective behavior is illustrated, and explain why they were ineffective. (Minimum response of 400 words and 3 references). MUST READ Chapter 11. And view these videos and powerpoint that is provided. There will be a peer reply to this discussion at least 150 words). https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/Seg2_Building_a_Trusting_Climate_to_Encourage_RiskTaking_11_1.

https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/PG104_Week4_Segment4_11_2. https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/applying_motivation_model_studying_arthropods_5th_grade_11_3

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