Movie Kidnap Production Analysis

Movie Kidnap Production Analysis


Lighting is a very fundamental aspect in cinema. Lighting in films is often referred to as ‚Äėwriting on light‚Äô and illumination is required in still images and pictures in motion. Illumination is an essential duty of every cinematographer. The movie Kidnap uses a blend of back, fill and key lights to highlight the principal characters in every given scene. The key light offers the main illumination in the film, the fill light fills the shadows of the characters while the backlight separates the performers from the backdrop. This combination ensures a perfect lighting and the desired contrast in the film.Soundtrack

The film Kidnap combines several sound tracks in the events to well-suit the event in progress. The soundtracks are well-paired with the pictures in motion to create harmony. Ideally, the background of any film determines the status it is likely to achieve in the public domain. A super soundtrack definitely translates to a winning film. Realistically, the movies which have excelled and survived the turbulences of the modern world are played in a very sound background.


Colour helps a film in telling a story and passing the intended meaning. The colour decisions affect the experiences of the audience while watching the movie. The theme colours should be in alignment with the events failure to which the movies will appear more complex. The woman of colour in the film makes it even more interesting (Lee 2017). Not all movies acknowledge the people of color for the roles they take.Camera Angles

Camera angles are usually used in movies to demonstrate the varied aspects of characters, settings and themes. Most of the events in the film are covered through medium shot although other angles such as aerial and the extreme close up are also evident. The production team varies the camera angles from event to event to capture all the necessary details that the audience may require to view.

The Director of Photography in the Film Kidnap is Flavio Martínez Labiano (Lee 2017). Labian is a renowned cinematographer who has taken part in the filming of numerous movies. Although many people feel that this film is far below the bar, I feel that it is a perfect abduction thriller with all the aspects that make an extraordinary movie. Perhaps many feel that it did not satisfy their expectations simply because it took too long at the production stage. Other people criticize it for having the messiest plot ever. However, the audiences should practice a little bit of restrain and embrace flexibility when it comes to the content in films.

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