Midterm Exam Soc 2230 True and False Questions

Midterm exam   Soc 2230           

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  True or False Question                                                                                                       Answer

  1. Columbus was first to land on American soil and be declared the point of

‘first contact’ between Europeans and indigenous tribes of North America.                         False                     

  1. The very first Africans brought to America were slaves.                                                True
  2. During early ‘first contact’ period, there were skirmishes but also helping behavior
between indigenous peoples and Europeans.


4. Jamestown was the first permanent colony of Europeans on US soil.


5. Pocahontas is a fictional character from a Disney animation.


6. Thanksgiving as we now celebrate it, is based on complete fiction.


  1. Sojourner Truth was an abolitionist and women’s rights advocate in 1800s.          True


  1. The plantation system of the ‘old South’ was colonialism.                                     False


  1. There is one ‘trail of tears’ – the path that relocated indigenous peoples to Oklahoma. False


a.                   the process whereby separate groups merge        and share a common culture

b.                  a system of unequal distribution of goods,        services, opportunities, and status in a society c.   an affective feeling toward a person or group        based solely on their group membership d.   the belief that some groups are inferior

e.       deliberate attempt to exterminate an entire group

f.        acquired at birth

g.       system of male dominance

h.       distinguished by cultural traits

i.         immigrants to intend to return to their country

j.         a minority group conforms to the dominant culture

  1. All slaves captured in Africa were destined for US plantations.                               False
10 pts
  1. Matching question.

Indicate the letter of the correct match.


Genocide                                e

Ethnic minority group          b

Ascribed status                      f

10 pts

Stratification                          h

Patriarchy                              g

Ideological Racism                d

Prejudice                                c

Assimilation                          j

Acculturation                         a

Sojourners                             i    This section is multiple choice and multi-select.  /

30 pts
  1. A minority group is defined as:

 a self-conscious group which has advantage but chooses not to use it

a group that has some identifying characteristics and which experiences some systematic

disadvantage  a group that no one likes

 a group that is small in numbers

  1. Which one of the following examples does not fit with the definition of ethnic ascription?

 Harry is one of the red headed Irish.

 Eobe, a Nigerian born Muslim, has very dark pigment in his skin.

 Sammy Davis Jr (a famous African American entertainer) converted to Judaism as an adult.  

Winona LaDuke’s heritage is Native American and Jewish

  1. This is a multi-select question. Select all the answer that correctly apply according to the definition in Healey.

Minority group definition includes which of the following:

 obese people Jews, Hindus, Muslims, pagans  non-white people  old people  disabled people  male WASPs (white Anglo Saxon Protestants)  all people can be included given the scope of the criteria  left-handed people  women

 LGBT people

  1. While individual effort can get a person ‘movin on up’ the social ladder, some groups have been upwardly mobile from _________________ (due to changes to the labor market and economy from things like technology). structural mobility  getting educated  wealthy marriages  joining a union
  1. The ‘Twilight of white ethnicity’ means that the tracing one’s white roots is ____________.

 has largely symbolic meaning  ethnically peculiar  absolutely necessary critical to one’s identity

  1. Jennie is biracial Asian and white. Her father is a Vietnam vet who came home disabled.  Her mom sews to bring in a bit of money.   Jennie has dreams of going to college and will try get admission to one on the basis of minority status.  Because of the intersections of her particular characteristics, she will be considered to have:

 three attributes of minority social status  no characteristics of minority status because her father is white.

 one characteristic of minority SES  two characteristics of minority SES. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

  1. Sheri and Dave live in student housing while Dave completes grad school. Several couples in their building regularly get together to b-b-q and hang out. The remaining two couples living in the building are not invited because as Dave says, they aren’t known to the group and judging from the smells coming out of their apartments, eat different things.   They are from Turkey and don’t mix with the others.   This scenario best illustrates which of the following:

housing segregation  religious discrimination  social distance

 gender discrimination

  1. When looking at how someone becomes a racist hatemonger, critical factors are:

 independent thinking; education ; culture of violence  culture of violence; indoctrination; limited education  culture of non-violence; faith that teaches tolerance; education  culture of oppression; subcultures; living off the grid

  1. The decline in prejudice noted in the the text (published in 2015) can be attributed to:

 more interaction between minorities and dominant group members  cultural enclaves

 separate but equal legislation

 The prevailing administration in the White House

  1. At the time of ‘first contact’, it is estimated that indigenous peoples numbered between several million to 10 million. About 300 years later, they indigenous population had been decimated to _________; a drop of ______.

 250,000;     75-95%

 2500;    99.9%

 1 Million;   50 = 90%

 100,000;    99%

  1. European settlers were not successful in forcing Indigenous peoples into slavery. This was because:

 Europeans didn’t want them  indigenous people were not useful labor

 indigenous people the power to resist and run away – it was hard to keep them captive  Europeans didn’t want slaves or indentured servant.

  1. Most of the decline in indigenous peoples over the roughly 300 years of the ‘contact situation’ occurred as a primary result of _________ and _________.

warfare; starvation

 destruction of food supply;  intermarriage  warfare;   disease  disease;  destruction of food supplies

  1. The three conditions explaining dominant-minority relations through colonization according to Noel’s hypothesis are:

 immigration; colonization; slavery  cooperation; interdependence; similar power  ethnocentrism;  competition;  difference in power  forced migration; slavery; demoralization

  1. Select all the answer options that correctly apply to this question….

Perpetrators of hate crimes are described as having the following characteristics:

 median income and some college education  female  black  lower income


  1. When peoples of Africa were captured and transported to the Americas, the ocean voyage across the Atlantic was called the _______________ and it took ___________.

 northwest passage; months  outer passage;    years  new world passage;   weeks

 middle passage;    months

  1. Slavery in colonial America produced a __________system in social stratification terms. Slavery produced chap, controllable labor most suited to the labor intensive _________ system.

 caste;   plantation  egalitarian; subsistence agriculture  mobile; colonial

 colonial;  caste

  1. Which of the following is a true statement?

 African Americans descendant from slaves are assimilated into American culture.

Slavery is a legitimate and moral enterprise to supply labor to an area where labor intensive  production is occurring.

Slavery is understood today as a democratic means to bring civilization to the heathens of  the dark continent.

Language acculturation began on the slave ships as people from different tribes were  ganged together so they couldn’t communicate in their own language….and therefore

couldn’t revolt.

  1. Contrast what wild rice means to the ‘American consumer’, and what it means to Ojibwe “the wild rice people”. Discuss cultural significance: value differences, religion or spirituality, identity, nutrition.  Why is there such a thing as cultured wild rice….and what effect do you think this has on the Ojibwe people and their traditions?

Wild rice for an ordinary American consumer refers to an aquatic perennial grass-like plant that produces an edible grain. For the Americans, the wild rice is just like any other meal. The Ojibwe people on the other hand view the wild rice not only as a meal but also as an object of cultural importance. They also refer to it as Manoomin. According to them, ii is a god given gift to the community. It has an historic value to them as it was given to their ancestors. The food that grows on water has a sustenance value to the community. The belief that it was given to them by their god draws them more close to the creator. It also reminds them of their roots as it dates back to the period when their ancestors lived. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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