MGT602 Business Decision Analytics

MGT602 Business Decision Analytics

Context: Workplaces today are changing rapidly in parallel with rapid advances in technology and means of communication with teams separated in terms of space and time, that is different geographic locations and time zones, not only within countries, but also across continents. This is something that we in Torrens adapt to on a daily basis as part of a global organisation. We need to take into account not only time and space, but other elements of diversity to collaborate effectively for organisational outcomes.Task:

This assignment is designed for you to critically reflect on key themes for this subject: individual and group decision-making processes; sources of data and analysis, including usage of data analytics for organisational decision-making, and the influence of bias in effective decision-making.

MGT602_Assess 3_Research Analysis 1 of 4 In doing so, you should consider a meaningful work challenge – a project that requires many decisions to be made- that is relevant for you– in your current, or recent workplace. [NOTE: Torrens University is a workplace and you have a special role in it.].

CHECKPOINT: Submit a draft of your outline and discuss your report proposal with your Learning Facilitator by WEEK 9.

Your task is to analyse the project from the perspective of decision-making points/stages. In the analysis, you are to consider:

  1. The sources of data, and the use of data analytics to identify trends/ patterns that form the evidence for decision-making;
  2. Show visualisation of the decision-making process, and analytics to support the decisionmaking;
  3. Select at least three decision-making tools and technologies from within the subject modules and show their application for your project. Consider if the decision would be the same/ different by using multiple methods.
  4. Present the findings of your results in a business style report that includes clear headings to guide the reader and visualisation of the data sources/trends/ patterns, and is underpinned with evidence from relevant contemporary literature, including major resources from within the subject modules.
  5. Reference according to the APA 6th. Ed. reference style guide, available at Student Hub @ Torrens.

Submission Instructions: 

  1. Submit your report to Turn-It-In.
  2. Submit your report and TII report via the Assessment link in MGT602 Business Decision Analytics on the Student Portal.
  3. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via Grade Centre in the Student Portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.
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