MGMT8004 International Business Strategy

MGMT8004 International Business Strategy

1. Individual Assignment (B): 50% of total grade

For Individual Assignment (B), each student will need to prepare a 3000-word (excluding bibliography) critical literature review on the key ideas and concepts of transaction costs theory (covered mainly in topics 5-6) and explain to what extent do you think such a theory can help us understand how multinational enterprises (MNEs) choose between different modes of international business organization when expanding overseas (e.g. the choice between export and FDI)? To address the assignment question, you should first develop a solid understanding of the theory/concepts through a rigorous, extensive and critical literature review of the relevant academic publications, and then analyse and synthesize what you have learned from existing literature into your own arguments, based on which you can provide a clear and convincing answer to the assignment question. It should be noted that simply reviewing what others have argued in the existing publications is necessary but not sufficient for the purpose of addressing the assignment question. You should build upon existing literature to develop your own original ideas and arguments in order to provide a clear and strong answer to the assignment question. To provide a rigorous review and critique, you are expected to read widely and incorporate at least 20 different references from academic publications (including books, book chapters, and articles etc.)

2. Submission guidelines

  • An electronic copy should be submitted to Turnitin in the iLearn system
  • Word limit: 3,000 words (excluding bibliography)
  • Format: essay
  • Reference style: Harvard style preferred, but we do not insist on a particular reference style provided you are consistent
  • Double space all body text; bibliography single space accepted
  • Tables, figures and any appendices should be neat and properly labelled and referred to in the body of the paper.
  • Make a duplicate copy of the assignment
  • Number each page and use a font of at least 11 pt
  • Attach a cover sheet indicating: (1) your student number (2) your name (3) date submitted, and (4) assignment title — i.e. MGMT8004 Individual Assignment (B)
  • NO late submission will be accepted, unless special consideration has been submitted and approved

4. Marking Criteria

85+ (HD) An outstanding piece of work, showing a very high degree of mastery of the theory/concepts. The essay provides clear and strong answer to the question, demonstrating the author’s deep understanding of the theory/concept’s implication for firms’ strategies towards international business involvement. The essay shows a highly developed ability to search relevant academic works for a clear purpose. There is evidence of a high level of rigorous and critical review. The essay demonstrates originality of ideas, with arguments expressed with strong logic and fluency. The essay shows all the structural elements of good writing, and work is free of errors with a very high level of technical competence. At the highest level of achievement, the essay is considered to be thought-provoking, exciting, and challenging.

75-84.5 (D) An excellent piece of work, showing a high degree of mastery of the theory/concepts, with good answers provided. The essay shows a well-developed ability to conduct critical review of relevant academic literature. It contains evidence of extensive research, and of the ability to integrate it into the argument. The essay shows evidence of good research and good writing, with ideas and arguments expressed clearly. The work is free of all but very minor errors, with a high level of technical competence.

65-74.5 (C) A good piece of work, showing a sound grasp of the theory/concepts. The essay shows your efforts in doing research and your attempts at providing answer, though lacking in the breadth and depth required for a first-class mark.  The essay demonstrates your good attempt at review and analysis of relevant existing literature, but may be more limited in synthesising existing literature into your own ideas and develop original arguments. The essay contains no gross deficiencies in writing or presentation, but there may be a few gaps leading to some errors. The essay would benefit from a better structure of arguments and ideas.

50-64.5 (P) A fair piece of work, showing some basic grasp of the theory/concepts but possibly with some gaps or areas of confusion. There might be some evidence of research and literature review but your ability to integrate it into substantial arguments remains highly desirable. Your attempt at analysis and synthesis of existing literature is superficial and limited, with a heavy reliance on describing and repeating what others have said already rather than critical analysis. As a result, the answers you provided are not well supported by your arguments and analysis. Work may contain some errors, and technical competence is at a routine level only. Expression of ideas and arguments may appear confusing and random.0-49.5 (F) A poor piece of work. The essay shows little effort in doing research. You have failed to engage seriously with the relevant literature on the relevant theory/concepts, and/or demonstrates a lack of basic understanding of the theory/concepts and their practical implications.  As a result, there is an inability to provide a meaningful answer to the assignment question. Little or no attempt at analysis and synthesis of existing literature. The level of expression and structure is very inadequate with many errors. The essay shows inability to organize ideas and information for developing arguments or logical reasoning. Ideas are poorly expressed and structured.  It is very unlikely that work of a passing standard would be produced even if the author(s) were given the opportunity to repeat the work.

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