Media and Russia Analysis

Media and Russia Analysis

1. What is the “Media Appetizer”?
2. What interested you in this particular “Media Appetizer”?
3. What did you learn about Russia by experiencing this “Media Appetizer”?

10 Points: What Is International Women’s Day? How Do The Russians Celebrate It.
10 Points: Find Out How One Other Country Celebrates This Holiday And Send Me A Picture With A Description.Your assignment is to locate and then report back on what you have learned about Russian life by looking at Russian people’s blogs (in English, of course). Try to be original. You have a maximum of three contributions (different blogs) that I will count as 10 points each. If you contribute 3 original blog sites and commentary on why the blog is interesting or what you learned from it, you can earn up to 30 points. You must post the web addresses of your blogs.

Search for Russian TV, or news available also in English. Watch two episodes and answer these questions about them:
1. Why were you interested in this media?
2. Summarize the program segment that you viewed.
3. What was different or shocking to you?
4. What was the same as American media?
5. Did you find the Russian media interesting, strange, or unusual.
6. Would you watch another Russian episode in other media?
7. What would you tell your family or friends about the experience?

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