Marketing Plan in Covid 19 Crisis

Marketing Plan in Covid 19 Crisis

Unfortunately it looks like your generation is one that will have to meet some serious challenges, Covid 19 is a start, but climate change is waiting in the wings, as are a number of others.For practice lets look at the current Covid 19 crisis.

  1. It may be up to 50% of the people who have it show no symptoms, and for those that eventually develop symptoms they will be spreading virus a few days before they know they are sick.
  2. There are three layers of solutions:
    1. The eventual solutions to immediate problem which take a long time and require specialized training and knowledge are:
      1. Identifying and isolating spreaders
      2. Cures
      3. Vaccine
  1. However currently the best way to minimize the impact and reduce unnecessary deaths are:
    1. Social distancing
    2. Masking in public
    3. Sanitizing
  1. Eventual solutions to similar problems
    1. Improved health care infrastructure
      1. ?Universal health care?
      2. ?Universal sick leave?
    2. Other economic solutions
    3. Generalizable methods of identifying and isolating spreaders

Final project: Assignment:

Part 1

Write up the project Idea you propose and the marketing plan, as well as a first stab at how you will evaluate its effectiveness. 

Part 2

Research Choose one of the above areas, ( ex: solution a, b, c from ii above)

  • Find scholarly papers on them where multiple statistical tests are made.
  • Use FDR to evaluate claims of significance
  • Explain these claims in words as well
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