Marketing and Client Retention

Marketing and Client Retention

Assignment 2: Marketing and Client Retention

15% of Final Grade

This project relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:

CLR # 1: Effective Use of Facilities

CLR # 3: Effective Business Planning

CLR # 6: Demonstrate and apply human resource processes

Objective of this Project:  The purpose of this project is to demonstrate ability start new client relationships (through marketing), and develop them (retain members, maximize your resources).  Scenario

While all businesses need to keep looking for new members, the most cost-effective way to grow sales is through retention and add-on investment by existing clients.

The Performance Centre is a small 1500 square foot fitness club located in an office high-rise downtown. Club revenue has declined significantly in recent years and the owner would like to implement strategies that will both attract new members and better retain the members it currently has.

For this assignment, you will use the facility information provided along with the knowledge you have gained in the course to develop a comprehensive marketing and member retention program. Note that you MUST consult the course textbook to successfully answer the assignment questions.

All assignments should have a clear title page or title header that includes your name, course, assignment title and date. All assignments with more than one page should have page numbers, and headers are recommended (except on title pages). Remember to organize your information for easy reading with sub-headings where appropriate.  Assignments should have references, even if it is just the textbook, in proper APA format.

You should use 12 point Times Roman font, with double spacing (except in any grids, which are single spaced in APA), and should be between 4-8 pages, not counting title page or references if they are on a separate page.  Grids do not need to have lines visible, as long as they are easily readable and not too crowded.

Ensure that all references are cited and in APA style.  You must cite the textbook.  APA references: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/05/


Part 1:  The marketing plan. (30 marks)

Utilizing the Five Marketing Pillars covered in Lesson 6, generate a marketing and promotion plan for the Performance Centre that spans at least six months.   Remember that there is minimal revenue coming in, so expensive advertising options are not possible. Also, remember from your course materials that some of the marketing pillars are recommended to be employed more frequently than others. Some of them will be an ongoing activity that is similar each month, while some may be different one month to the next.  Make sure that you write a specific activity for each example.

After your marketing plan, include an explanation of at least 250 words explaining your choices for your plan.

Part 2:  Member Retention Interviewing. (30 marks)

The new members that have been obtained through the club’s revised marketing strategy in Part 1, need to be retained because it costs too much to lose members and attract new ones all the time.  This section has 3 parts:

  1. Describe key concerns and needs of clients in their first week, first month, first six months, and a year later. (8 points)
  2. Give a concrete example of how a club can meet each of the 10 Keys of Member Retention outlined in Lesson 8. (10 points)
  3. Assign at least two retention strategies to each of the time periods in your customer’s relationship with you from Part 2a) (8 points)

4 extra marks relate to clean and easily readable organization of your informationPart 3:  Three Stages of Retention and Six Program Planning Phases (30 marks)

Now wear your hat as an operational manager. How can you use your programming to promote retention?

  1. Describe the three stages of retention, with examples of types of programming that are especially appealing at each stage (12 points)
  2. Draw up a weekly program plan in grid format, such as you might hand out at the front desk. Make sure that you clearly indicate which offerings are included in membership, and which have an additional fee. (10 points)
  3. Provide a paragraph or two of explanation for your programming choices and fee strategy. (8 points)

 Overall Presentation: 10 marks

This is based on guidelines communicated, especially APA.  NO additional marks are assigned for visual creativity (e.g. graphics and fancy, ink-using templates).  This is a professionalism course. Your assignments should be clean, clearly laid out and professional as this is what is expected in the workplace.

HINT: The amount of space each section should take up is relative to the point rating. The section with the most points, would get more space than a smaller section.  It is helpful if sub-headings reflect the assignment parts so that it is easier for a grader to see that you have covered all the information. You are expected at the college level to use sentences and paragraphs with good grammer, unless bullet points are appropriate and clearly used. Pay attention to polishing details such as an introductory and concluding sentence or paragraph for assignments, and for assignment sections.

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