Market Entry Report: Tourism

Market Entry Report: Tourism 

Assessment 2a                

Individual (30%)

Market Entry Report – TOURISM 
Purpose, description and topics covered



•       Undertake a detailed market analysis of the Australian TOURISM Sector.

•       Demonstrate the mastery of international marketing and how to successfully enter the Australian Market

•       Undertake a market sector assessment to evaluate the industry attractiveness, issues and challenges and structure. Use of Strategic Analysis Tools such as PESTEL, Porters 5 Forces and Value Chain would be potentially be useful here.

•       Provide recommendations that are ethically and culturally sustainable  Description:

Undertake research of the Australian Market for an agreed TOURISM MARKET. Using your developed international marketing management skills and knowledge develop a defined market entry strategy for the Australian market.

Submit a written report detailing a proposed recommendation bases on the detailed market analysis. This report is to detail:

•       Summarised Market Research details and facts of the Australian TOURISM Market gathered from research undertaken using recognised Industry Research Sources.

•       Using PESTEL and RBV Models identify the

International Marketing Management Challenges for your Product in relation to Australian Market.

•       Cultural and Communication analysis of Customer Segmentation, CRM, AER and BOR strategies.

•       Make a FINAL Recommendation as to the market potential and opportunity in the Australian Market. Detail the International Marketing Management challenges and how these will be addressed using a selected International Marketing Management growth approach.

Purpose, description            and topics covered


Topics to be covered:

•       International Marketing Management

•       International cultural environment & consumer behaviour

•       International marketing research

•       International Market Segmentation

•       International Channel Management, Positioning

•       International Market selection & entry strategies

•       International marketing communications

Assessment length This report is limited to a maximum of 3000 words, excluding Appendices and Reference List [Harvard style]; typed in 1.5 line spacing on one side only of single sheet of A4 using 12 pt. size type with normal margins.
Criteria to grade quality      Marking criteria will include use of appropriate theory, quality of research, ability to build a credible argument, for your prescriptive recommendations as to value of potential expansion of your agreed International Product into the Australian market.

The following criteria are to guide the structure and content of your report:

1)    Demonstrated understanding of your

International TOURISM Product. (10% of the Report)

2)    In Depth of analysis of the Australian market and its variation to the home market. This is to include market structure, competition, entry model, and PESTEL. (40% of the Report)

3)    Develop and present clear recommendations based on the market analysis, conclusions and justified recommendations. (50% of the Report)

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