Māori Business Proposal Report

Māori Business Proposal Report

Business Proposal: Ways in which a non-Māori Organisation can Adopt Māori Principles and Values

Business Description

Maori business is not just limited to Maori ownership, but it extends to contain Maori management, leadership and employees.  Maori businesses play a major role in the economy of New Zealand, and therefore it is important to understand their values. Maori economic development is mainly led by hapu, iwi, hapori and whanau. The Maori businesses differ from non-Maori businesses in that former are owned and fully or substantially controlled by Maori, unlike the latter. The Maori business also applies contemporary or traditional Maori values and culture in its operations. In the modern business context, Maori businesses have embraced modern technologies and techniques. Woodhill Forest west Auckland is an example of the Maori business, and it contains pine trees, many roads that are open and deals with other several tourism ventures such as mountain Biking and horse riding.  Developing a tourism café in the forest and working as joint ventures will be important since it will impact or affect not only the businesses as entities but also to Maori people. The joint venture is one of the modern business trend being embraced by Maori businesses. For example, the Maori businesses are increasing take various joint forms, including joint initiatives and activities with central or local governments as well as with other business entities. As such, a joint venture will be a noble idea. The café will hire four chefs, of which two will be from the Maori people, and they will cook traditional foods.

Business that have worked together with Maori

Air New Zealand is a business that has worked with Maori organizations through the adoption of the Maori values and culture in its organization. Air New Zealand is a tourism organization which introduced the Maori culture as its brand. Its employees portray the culture of Maori people, and this has great potential for attracting tourists. The other businesses that have worked with Maori are Sealord Fish Company, agricultural companies and tourism companies. The companies have a strong emphasis on preserving and sustaining uniquely Maori values, concepts and priorities to the structures of their operations. For example, Sealord Fish Company has adopted Maori fishing strategies. Similarly, several modern businesses operate or function with Maori values, cultures, and tradition, besides modern technologies and techniques. Maori business philosophies play a crucial role in transforming or changing the nature of the business in New Zealand.

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Proposed Development of Tourism Café in the Forest

The tourism café proposed to be developed in the forest will adopt the values and principles of Maori by operating the businesses as whanau based. With whanau values, the café will operate as one of the Maori extended family by employing spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions. The businesses will incorporate Maori elements in that it will be owned and operated by Maori, there will be Maori workers, and some meals will be Maori focused.  The café will recruit new members or associates only on the grounds of marriage and will subscribe to the belief of balancing individual interest against group interest.  The café will be aligned to the aspirations of Maori people in the forest and will involve considerable consultation or discussion with other Maori people.

Despite the profit motive of the cafe, there will be other motives such as social, heritage and political motives that will have to be balanced through good management.  Good management will be critical in managing various diverse goals. Therefore the shareholders will take into deliberation the wider cultural, social and economic viewpoint by endorsing the utilization of several measures. The café will foster the spirit of cooperating rather than fragmentation of effort, and it will consider the benefits or advantages of the economies of scale through joint ventures or alliances leading to greater productivity, better employment and increased capital investment. The joint venture will help the business to penetrate the target market with ease as well as increase the customer base.


The knowledge of partnerships in businesses will be important in making sure that the café flourish.  Developing café partnership policy will be an important method of augmenting productivity and getting new customers.  In-depth knowledge of the Intellectual property, as well as the worth partners, will bring into the cafe partnership will be important in negotiating strategic agreements. The other important component is the communication. After the signing of the agreement with the possible partners and relationship established, communication will play a crucial role in future growth. Therefore, it is important to maintain regular communication as well as share every success and problems and by so doing it assists in maintaining a high confidence level.


The adoption of values of Maori by the cafe will result in financial benefits. Maori principles are implemented in different ways or methods and create new positive behaviours and attitudes that greatly benefit how the business will operate and increase performance. For instance, implementing manaakitanga in an organization will require appropriate hospitality. As such, this means the café will benefit from the workers’ effective commitment behaviour. New workers in the café will feel welcome, have a belonging sense, and therefore they will likely be more committed to articulating their cultural identity.


The attitudes, as well as behaviors required in creating a strong working partnership between the stakeholders of the café and the forest, will be driven by desired results based on main activities, protocols and priorities.  During the development of the effective collaborative guidelines and process, one needs to see the process as well as what forms the best practice from all non-Maori and Maori perspective. Different perspectives on collaboration and partnership are important in identifying main ingredients and practices needed for attaining effective dialogue, engagement and collaboration.


Establishing a tourism café in the forest and working as partners will be important since it will impact or affect not only the businesses as entities but also to Maori people. The café will hire four chefs, of which two will be from the Maori people, and they will cook traditional foods hence promoting the Maori culture.

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