Manchester Art Gallery Press Commentators

Manchester Art Gallery Press Commentators

On 26 January 2018, a group of performance artists at the Manchester Art Gallery took down one of its most famous pictures, JW Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs. On 3 February, they put it back up.

Your first task is to explore why this was done and how press commentators and others responded. You should summarize the results of your research in a paragraph or two.

Your second task is analyse and evaluate a commentary by Jonathan Jones: what is his thesis? What arguments does he use to persuade us that he is right? How persuasive are these arguments? Why do you find them persuasive or unpersuasive? This should take two or three paragraphs.

Your third task is give your own opinion about the episode. Did the Gallery behave properly or improperly? Why do you think so? This should take two or three paragraphs.The best answers will

1)Be clearly and logically organized
2)Be precisely, correctly, and elegantly written
3)Perform all the assigned tasks
4)Avoid digression
5)Present the results of authoritative research clearly and accurately
6)Provide references in APA format
7)Be proofread carefully and presented attractively
8)Analyze arguments incisively and evaluate them sensibly
9)Show an understanding of concepts introduced in class
10)Persuasively present your own opinion

Here are some links to get you started:

News report 

Manchester Art Gallery website account

Jonathan Jones’s commentary 

Sonia Boyce explains why the picture was taken down

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