Management of Organizational Behaviour

Management of Organizational Behaviour

Individual Assignment II – Reflective Essay Writing

Instructions to Students

1. This is an Individual Assignment.

2. Objectives of Reflective Essay Writing:

a. To demonstrate what you have learnt from the course

b. To record thoughts, insights and experiences about your own learning processes

3. Answer the questions here below:Use the knowledge you have accrued in this Course BUS20321 Management of Organizational Behaviour to write a reflective essay on the following topic:

 “How can the Organizational Behaviour concepts and theories you have learnt in the course make you more effective at school, home, work, and/or in other arenas of life? Use your personal and everyday examples to illustrate your reflections.”

4. Marks allocation : 35% of total course assessment

5. Words Limit: 1000 words (10 marks deduction for every 50 words exceed the aforementioned words limit will be imposed)

The Individual Assignment together with Assessment Form will be submitted in ONE FILE and format of Word document electronically via Canvas.

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