Macewan Manufacturing Case Study

Macewan Manufacturing Case Study

You and your team are the new HR department at Macewan Manufacturing Ltd. Some company information has been provided for you, but you may have to come up with some details about MML on your own. You, along with your teammates, have been directed to develop a new benefits program for the company. Your performance for the year will be based on this project.The package must include, at a minimum:

  1. Paid time-off
  2. Medical and dental benefits
  3. Disability benefits
  4. Life insurance
  5. Pension/retirement benefits
  6. Perquisites/other benefits

Although you will work as a team on all six areas

Each member will research, prepare, and present their topic, consistent with the company’s philosophy and team direction. One written report will be presented, clearly indicating who did which topic. Your written report will include all of the required areas and should be compiled in a concise and comprehensive manner.

There will be two parts to your final submission:

  1. A cover letter to the executives of MML explaining how and why you designed the plan the way you did. (1-2 pages)
  2. The plan itself, presented in a way that can be given to the employees of Macewan Manufacturing Ltd.

Be creative in your plan design — make it fit the company! Be professional in your presentation of the final submission. If you have questions, ask!

NOTE: I have attached  benefits booklet from two of my client companies. These are not intended to provide a guide for your submission, only an example of how some companies presents their benefits program to their employees. I do not expect you to replicate this format. Instead, I encourage you to review the booklet for areas you may have missed in your own sections. The attached booklets do *NOT* contain all of the benefits required for your assignment.

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