Learning Goals and Assessment Plan

Learning Goals and Assessment Plan

Assignment – PWS Component II – Learning Goals and Assessment Plan

For this week, you will complete Component II of the Transition Support Plan. This component builds upon the data you collected in Week 1 and lays the foundation for the development of the rest of the plan. Based on your evaluation of contextual factors such as assessment results, graduation rates, ACT/SAT scores, what can you identify to be one of the key areas of focus for effective transition?For example, your data may reflect that students overall tend to lack the knowledge needed regarding the variety of post school options (trade school, community colleges, workforce, military, etc.). Based on this data, you will select a small group of students (5-7) in your classroom to begin working on a transition plan. At the elementary level, the data may lead you to begin discussing career options with students, allowing them to complete an interest inventory, and then developing some sort of product (paper, PowerPoint, or presentation) concerning the career field they are most interested in at this point.

This PWS is designed to be implemented in any classroom setting, regardless of grade or content area. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the supports students need in order to transition effectively from school to their next step of life. This is a gradual process.


  • This section should describe in detail a statement of the problem and the proposed transitional support that will be used to address the problem.

It should detail the following:

  • justification for the Transition Support Plan (TSP) as dictated by a needs assessment/ available data.
  • A pre-instruction plan that details how the plan will be communicated to all involved
  • A description of how student progress will be measured throughout this process.

This component must be a minimum of 3 pages typed, double spaced in length.Submission Instructions:
The assignment must be submitted via the appropriate link in Module 2 on the course Canvas page by Sunday at 11:59 CST of this week.

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