Lean Process at Cleveland Clinic

Lean Process at Cleveland Clinic

Lean Process Improvements at Cleveland ClinicblankCleveland Clinic is one of America’s premier hospitals, known worldwide for its cardiovascular care. In 2007, the Surgery Division’s Throughput Council identified an ongoing issue that created dissatisfaction among the hospital surgical staff. Surgeons were unhappy that certain instrument sets were not available when needed and that, frequently, multiple requests were required to get all of the necessary instruments for surgeries. While this seemed a minor issue to some, the missing tools frustrated the surgical staff, and caused unnecessary delays in the surgery schedule.

The surgeons most often complained to Jim Stanicki, manager of the Surgical Processing Department (SPD). The SPD was responsible for cleaning, inspecting, sterilizing, and delivering over seven million instruments per year in four separate processing areas. These areas supported 65 main campus operating rooms that performed over 35,000 surgeries annually. Stanicki said, “The surgeons were concerned about the inability to start operating rooms on time and instruments that were not immediately available when requested.”1 Stanicki and his team were responsible for managing an extremely complex process. Although they were working around the clock, there were still complaints and they realized that something had to change in the way that they were processing the surgical instruments. (Excerpt).blankQuestions:

1. Abstract – analysis of case study, (max 1 page)

2. How would using the principles of Six Sigma, Lean, PDCA, and FMEA be different at Cleveland Clinic compared to the manufacturing industry, (max 1 page)

3. What happens when there are inefficiencies with use of equipment in an organization’s system?, (max 1 page)

4. In addition to surgical instruments, to what other processes was Cleveland Clinic able to apply the principles of Six Sigma, Lean, PDCA, and FMEA?, (max 1 page)

5. Conclusion (Max 1 page)

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