Leadership Skills Self Assessment

Leadership Skills Self Assessment

Leadership is the ability to influence others to achieve organizational goals. Organizations spend billions of dollars each year to improve the leadership skills of its employees. Leadership skills are needed within organizations to execute the vision, mission and strategic goals of the organization.

Visit the mind tools website and complete the short Leadership Skills exercise (https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_50.htm).

After you explore your strengths and areas for growth, address the following items in your response:

What are your strengths?
Where do you have opportunities to grow your leadership skills?
Based on your assessment results, propose three things you can do to improve your leadership skills.

Leadership Skills Self Assessment Example

What are your strengths?

I have been a leader on various occasions in my life, though in small unions set to meet short-term goals. In these leadership positions, I have been able to develop various leadership skills, which I believe are vital in making me a successful leader in larger organizations in the future. My strongest points in leadership, I believe, are in managing people, setting clear expectations, and being a role-model. Leadership roles involve extensive interactions with people in different contexts. Effective leaders must be able to understand not only their feelings but also those of others (Mind Tools, n.d.). I believe that I have mastered this skill as I can empathize with people in most situations. I plan adequately in all my leadership roles and let the people know my expectations for them. I also lead by example by ensuring that I participate actively in group activities and do what I would want the people to emulate.Order Now from Course ResearchersWhere do you have opportunities to grow your leadership skills?

I believe that I might grow my leadership skills by learning from experienced leaders and investing in myself. In leadership, it is always critical to learn from those who have experience, not because they know everything but because they have a better understanding in leadership. I intend to invest more in my leadership skills by creating an environment that harbors growth. Making time to read more and have conversations with other people aspiring to be leaders will enable me to grow further in leadership. I am certain that this investment will pay in the future, especially in improving my motivation as a leader.
Based on your assessment results, propose three things you can do to improve your leadership skills.

1. Develop a positive attitude: I need to be more cognizant that challenges are aspects of leadership and should make a better leader.

2. Be more visionary so as to inspire the people around me to become more productive.

3. Motivate the people that I lead and support them to meet not only the organizational goals but also their personal and career goals.


Mind Tools. (n.d.). How Good Are Your Leadership Skills? Retrieved from Mind Tools: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_50.htm

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