Language Acquisition Factors Research

Language Acquisition Factors Research

Note that number of pages for each section are suggested, but you may go beyond these. Don’t forget to number your pages! See this  Your entire paper must be formatted following APA guidelines.blank

  1. Title page, with title of project and your name (1 page, but this does not count toward your 10-12 pages)
  2. An abstract (this also does not count toward your 10-12 pages)
  3. Overview, Background & Justification of Project/Discussion of Related Research (3-4 pages)
  • Describe your project
  • Describe WHY you chose to propose this project
  • Discuss HOW it addresses/relates to inequality and diversity
  • SUMMARIZE the research that supports your project and justifies the need for your project
  1. Description of targeted group (half-1 page)
  • Who are you targeting and why?
  • Grades/ages, SES level, racial ethnic background, etc.
  1. Goals & Desired Outcomes (1-2 pages)
  • What are your intended goals and outcomes? Be sure these relate to the educational problem you are addressing.
  • Describe the research that supports why your goals are important and why your project will help reach the goals/outcomes
  • Goals and outcomes should be specific, and should clearly relate to equity in education

Description of your proposed solution and timeline (3-4 pages)

  • Be specific about the elements of your solution, use research articles to justify why you think your proposed solution will work, include a general timeline for implementing your project (e.g., weekly/monthly steps) and reaching your goals
  1. Focus Group Feedback (2 pages): You will convene a group of at least 3 people and discuss your project with them. They can be anyone you know who has an interest in educational issues. Have a conversation about the educational problem you’re seeking to improve and what your proposed solution is. Ask them for feedback about your project. Include the following in writing this part up:


  • Who was part of your focus group? (Ages, number of people, gender & racial/ethnic background, how you recruited them and how you know them)
  • Describe the reactions to your project. What did the respondents think would work or wouldn’t work? Why/why not? What did the participants like? Why? What reactions surprised you?
  • What would you change about your project based on the focus group feedback?
  • Ask your focus group: How could your project be used in other ways by educators/parents/community members?
  1. List all your references, APA style

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