Knowledge Test Assessment Questions

Knowledge Test Assessment Questions

Q1. In the state that you live in what is the name of the Act that employees and employers must adhere to regarding workplace safety?(10-20 words).Q2. Outline the WHS Hierarchy of Control, explaining how it affects WHS.(30-50 words)

Q3.  Describe what your OHS / WHS legislation says in relation to an employer’s responsibility to keep a workplace safe?(80-100 Words)

Q4. What is meant by the term “reasonably practicable”? (10-20 Words)

Q5. What obligations do workers and other persons have whilst at work?(30-50 Words)

Q6. What are the requirements on an organisation in regards to consulting with workers re OHS / WHS? (30-50 Words)

Q7. What requirements does a business have in relation to providing a Health and Safety Representative?(20-50 Words)

Q8. What are the powers and functions of a Health and Safety Representative?(10-20 Words)

Q9. Describe the 4 steps you would follow when assessing safety risks?(30 -50 Words)

Q10. Describe 3 different ways you can identify hazards within your workplace.(10-20 Words)Q11. Describe how you would undertake a risk assessment?(80-100 Words)

Q12. Describe how you would control risks in a workplace?(80-100 Words)

Q13. At what stage in the risk control process should Administrative controls and PPE be considered?(30-50 Words)

Q14. According the WHS Regulations, when is a review of controls mandatory?(10-20 Words)

Q15. List 4 benefits of keeping records of the risk management process.(30-50 Words)

Q16. What records should you keep in relation to hazard and risk assessments within your workplace?(30-50 Words)

Q17. What is due diligence and how does it relate to OHS / WHS?(10-20 Words)

Q18. According to the OHS / WHS legislation in your state, what are the legal the ramifications of failure to observe the legislation?(10-20 Words)

Q19. Excluding the legal ramifications, what could be the result of failing to comply with OHS / WHS laws, policy, procedures or practices?(30-50 Words)Q20. What requirements does an employer have in regards to training and providing information to workers regarding OHS / WHS?(30-50 Words)

Q21. List 8 specific hazards that are specified within WHS legislation or Codes of Practice. (80-100 Words)

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