Knowledge Management: Organisational Learning

Knowledge Management: Organisational Learning

Instructions for preparing Assignment 2

Questions for the Assignment can be found below:To meet the requirement of the report you must answer the following questions:

  1. Reinhardt et al.’s (2011) review of current literature shows that there are different roles of knowledge workers in organisations. Select four of the knowledge worker roles as outlined by Reinhardt et al. (2011) and critically discuss how these roles are essential to support knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing? (400 words)
  2. Teamwork ultimately leads to effective knowledge creation’. Critically discuss the above statement with examples to support your answers. (300 words)
  3. Select an actual organisation known to you, and describe what industry it is in, the products and/or services it provides. Based on the resource-based theory, identify three critical resources you may find from the chosen organisation and critically discuss why these resources are critical to the organisation (500 words).
  4. Organisations today are often flooded with data and information’. In a learning organisation, employees are often able to understand the whole organisation as well as their part in it in order to identify organisational needs and solve problems even when they are flooded with data and information. Critically discuss why the concept of organisational learning may be strategically important to your choice organisation? (400 words).

Please note:  The above word counts are a guide only. The total word count should strictly adherence to the overall word limit with a 10% margin either way.

You are required to prepare an assignment in a report format (i.e. report writing). You should write your report in such a way that you start your answers from line 1. That is, there is no need for large introductions that we see in essays. Please refer to USQ Report Writing guidelines for this assignment. Please note that you are NOT required to include a Letter of Transmittal, Table of Contents and an Executive summary/abstract in your report.

You should apply the principles you have learned from lecture material/tutorials/readings that are specific to the case study. Your answers should be written in narrative form (i.e. sentences not bullet points), and should be around 1600 words (+/- 10%), single spaced. Your answers should be referenced appropriately with a full reference list placed at the end of the assignment. More marks are gained by the quality of research applied in practice and the overall quality of the answer. Please Note: Overall word count does not include Tables and Figures which you are free to use if required. Tables and Figures should be placed at where they should appear, not in appendices.

You must use a template for your report. The template has been provided on the studydesk for you. It includes: cover sheet with your Name, Student Number, Course Name, Course Examiner, Semester and Date of Submission and the Marking Criteria Sheet. Please save your answers in the template as word document (.doc or .docx) and submit it via the link on the StudyDesk. Your assignment will be sent to Turnitin for checking your writing for citation mistakes or inappropriate copying. Please make sure you remove your marking criteria sheet and reference list prior to submit your assignment to Turnitin for reference check. You will receive a Turnitin report stating your similarity percentage. Please make sure you allow at least 24 hours for Turnitin to generate the similarity report for you. If the actual percentage is or higher than 20% (i.e. the actual content excluding cover sheet, title page, marking criteria sheet, headings and reference list etc.), you should seriously consider revising your assignment. Once you your assignment is ready for submission, you may submit your assignment via the same link on the studydesk as your final submission.

The template has already been set up for you with the required font size, spacing and margins. Please make sure you use the template for the report.Please quote the relevant texts and readings to support your answers. Answers in the narrative section of your answers unsupported by appropriate texts and/or readings will be regarded as guesswork and generalisations and will not pass the assessment. If you feel you need to attach some other interesting report or facts not required in the main body of your case answer, please add this as an appendix. Then in your text close to where you discuss this, you should add in brackets (Please see Appendix 1) – for example. Please place your appendices right after your reference list (i.e. at the end of the assignment). TheWhy reference?’ as outlined on the Library website will provide you ideas on how to do referencing for your assignments. Please note that you may require your student ID and password to log on to the website.

You need to demonstrate your understanding of the assignment, research capability, and technical and academic care in your assignment. You are expected to link your learning to the concepts/theories in Module 1, 2 and 3 for the assignment. The report must be written in narrative form (i.e. sentences must be used, avoid bullet points), and should be 1600 words, give or minus a 10% margin only. You must include a list of references at the end of the assignment (but before appendices, if any). As an undergraduate student you must be able to demonstrate your research and analytical skills through the assignment. More marks are gained by the quality of research applied in practice and the overall quality of the answer. You are expected to maintain a professional level of conduct and language when writing your report.

You must use a minimum of TWELVE (12) academic peer reviewed references (of which at least TEN (10) must be peer reviewed journal articles) to support your answers. You MUST reference appropriately throughout your report. Please use the following link to find out information on how to recognise peer-reviewed journals: http://www.angelo.edu/services/library/handouts/peerrev.php

The required TWELVE (12) references do not include the lecture notes and module materials. You can, however, use the selected readings in the course materials as your references. Please make sure you quote from relevant texts and readings to support your answers. References are particularly important when you are making a statement and/or trying to argue an idea. For instance, if you are saying … ‘knowledge management definitely enhances organisational performance’, it is important that you have a reference to support your answer and provide further explanation. Any statement or idea unsupported by academic references may be regarded as guesswork and generalisations and may not pass the assessment;

Academic references may include refereed journal articles, academic books, and government reports. You should avoid using references sourced directly from the internet (i.e. references with http://www … addresses) as these references have dubious academic value. Practitioner magazines, business publications (i.e. Fortune or Business Review Weekly) and newspaper articles may be used for illustrative purposes only (i.e. they may not be used to support your main argument but materials in them may be summarised to provide very brief examples). As an undergraduate student in a university, you are expected to produce work to high academic standards. Written materials must be presented well, be thoroughly researched, contain appropriate references, and demonstrate considerable thought and appreciation of the subject matter.

Please note that the overall word count does not include Tables, Figures, reference list and appendices (if any) which you are free to use if required. You are allowed to have 10% +/– allowance on the word count for the assignment. Please refer to USQ Report Writing guidelines for this assignment. Please note that you are NOT required to include a Letter of Transmittal, Table of Contents and an Executive summary/abstract in your report.

To achieve high marks you are expected to demonstrate a high level of understanding of the questions, critical analysis, research capability, technical and academic care, and an application of theories/concepts to a real case in your assignment. Please use the Assignment Criteria sheet as a guide for your assignment. A sample of the Assignment Criteria sheet is attached at the end of this document for your reference.

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