Justice Perspective and Care Perspective

Justice Perspective and Care Perspective


Care ethics makes a distinction between the “justice” perspective and the “care” perspective. Describe that distinction in terms of the following

a. Universalism

b. Emotion

c. Individualism


a. Why is Holbach considered a psychological egoist ?

b.  if Holbach is right about what he argues in the essay you read, what does that imply for moral agency/moral responsibility?4th

Immanuel Kant in his epistemology recognized that human knowledge is only possible in terms of cause and effect , that every effect has a determinate cause and our knowledge is limited to this. In short , of the world is limited to what Holbach (see question 3 above ) described in the essay we read by him . Yet kant gave us a greatly influential ethical theory that depends on our use of reason to make freely.willed choices by use of the Categorical Imperative . How did Kant deal with the notion of free will if there was nothing whatever that could be known about it or even known if we have it?


Here’s a question dealing with the chapter on ethics and religion . Thomas Aquinas gave us an ethics (Natural Law theory that can be characterized as a autonomy thesis as it relates to God .




Another question from the confluence of ethics and religion: How might autonomous ethical theories lead to a “paradox of omnipotence and describe that paradox ?


Probably the way to best see any problem with dependency ethical theories is by way of the Divine command Theory . Describe the Divine Command Theory and the really basic problem that it exemplifies for ethics,


How does retributivism provide a deserved and fitting ” constraint on the imposition of punishment under a utilitarian theory of deterrence ?


Kant’s deontology will, in most cases, not conflict with Act Utilitarianism.




Kant’s deontology , as well as Mill’s utilitarianism might be described as “autonomous ” ethical theories relate to God.




How can moral relativism make difficult , if not impossible , moral change and /or progress ?

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