Julia Mood Disorders and Suicide

Julia Mood Disorders and Suicide

Case Study: Chapter 17 Mood Disorders and Suicide

1. Julia, age 62 years, became severely depressed 6 years ago when her son experienced a traumatic brain injury sustained in an automobile accident. She has been nonadherent with pharmacologic antidepressant therapy, which has led to her admission to an acute care psychiatric setting. During the assessment interview, she reports becoming increasingly forgetful and now has difficulty sleeping and concentrating. A physical assessment shows that she has lost 30 pounds during the last year as a result of “not being interested in eating.” Her home needs repairs, and she feels overwhelmed with completing the maintenance required. Julia reports “feeling helpless and alone,” adding that she “is alone and no one cares.” (Learning Objectives: 3, 4, and 6)a. Determine three nursing outcome statements that would apply to Julia, and list them in order of priority.

b. Julia was started on sertraline (Zoloft). What client teaching should be done with Julia regarding the sertraline?

Note: Pease all questions need to be completed with minimum of 300 words or more

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