Job Description for Retail Supervisor

Job Description for Retail Supervisor

Job Summary

We are looking for a qualified, experienced and proficient Retail Manager to supervise the operations in our store on a night shift. The retail manager will be required to ensure that the usual operations in the store run smoothly just like during the daytime. This is aimed at maximizing the sales while minimizing the costs. The goal is to run our store effectively during the night so as to develop business and boost revenues.


Managing staff: The retail supervisor is expected to guide and supervise fellow staffs to achieve maximum performance for the goodness of the entire business. This is the man duty as most of the time will be spend overseeing and managing the store staff (Zairis, 2013). The retail manager will have to ensure that the cashiers, sales associates and the storekeepers finish their assigned tasks in time. The retail supervisor will also be expected to counsel, guide, train, promote and discipline employees accordingly.

Monitor stock level and finances: The retail supervisor has the responsibility to ensure that the purchases and stock levels remain within the budget. He/she is expected to keep track of the finances within the store. This will include setting budgets, preparing expenditures, evaluating the discrepancies between the actual expenditure and the budget and implementing counteractive measures (Boichuk & Menguc, 2013).

Respond to customers concerns: I order to maintain the reputation of the store, the ideal candidate should be able to deal with any complaints raised by the customers appropriately. This should be done on a regular basis without bias. It should range from helping the customers to find their specific items to administering discounts and refunds when required (Rutherford, 2013).

Maintain the store and the inventory: In the home improvement fields, the general presentation of the store really matters in determining customer retention. As thus, this is key to the success of the retail. A retail supervisor will be required to delegate tasks dealing with organization to the appropriate personnel. Regular cleaning and rearranging of the store will be required. The ideal retail supervisor should also be able to ensure that all the items needed by the customers are stocked. The supervisor should thus be able to coordinate deliveries, record missing merchandise and plan for offers when necessary. The retail supervisor will also be required to keep an eye on the market trends to ensure that the appropriate improvements are made in the store.


The ideal applicant should:

  • Have adequate experience in store management especially housewares and a supervisory experience.
  • Have a good knowledge in crucial business subject such as marketing and sales.
  • Be ready and comfortable to work during the night from 10.00 pm to 6.00am.
  • Be able to motivate the involved personnel to offer the best.
  • Have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills in order to deal effectively with the staff and the customers(Johlke, 2013).
  • Have excellent leadership skills, good in decision-making and capable of weighing various decisions in times of crisis.
  • Have knowledge on the best practices in retail and customer management.
  • Prove familiarity with data analysis skills and retail management applications and software.
  • A Bachelor‚Äôs degree in sales, business administration or any other relevant field. A Masters degree will be an added advantage.


Job descriptions are usually meant to enable people who have little or no knowledge about the job to easily understand the nature of the job, the requirements as well as the scope. My job description gives an overview of the job. I have described all the permanent responsibilities clearly and all the parties that the ideal candidate will encounter. Anyone can easily understand it even if they are unfamiliar with the context department. It also outlines the work hours.

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